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  1. Heads up! Martin aka Grumpy Martian has an ES 127mm triplet with case for sale in great condition for 875 ono. If you're after a bigger Apo it might be worth investigating? :)

    Half tempted myself, but I'm currently saving for one of the wifi scopes controlled via an android tablet like the Celestron Evolution 6, or the new Celestron Fi scopes that are about to launch.

    1. F15Rules


      Hi Chris!

      Just sent you a loooong email!

      Thanks for the heads up.. I'm a bit suspicious of "cheap" triplets to be honest, would rather have one of the older F9 ed doublets which were apparently superb..

      I've also noted that Martin gets through scopes like I get through eyepieces, which worries me a bit...

      But thanks for the heads up!



  2. I have decided to cull my kit down to just one scope, but which one

    1. F15Rules


      Keep the scope(s) you use and love the most Jules. From everything you've said, I don't see you letting your Tal go..:-)


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