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  1. Normally I would but decided with all these clouds to treat myself to a brand new bit of astro gear!
  2. Wow! Nice looking set up. Think that pic alone has sold the idea for me!
  3. Looked at the giro iii couldn't find a shop selling the giro ii. Only think no slow mo controls.
  4. Yeh not looking at eq mounts like the simplicity of alt az mounts. The skytee also has a 15kg weight limit so can carry much larger scopes than az4. Just wished they did an az4 with slow mo control lol
  5. Thanks for that. Do u use the counter weight bar often? Or just put your scope on?
  6. Yes ill get it with tripod so have the budget for that as well. Do u know the weight of the skytee and tripod?
  7. I'm about to start looking to buy an upgraded mount for my scope, which at the moment is a 120mm ST refractor. I want so etching that is portable and can easily take future upgrades. Both mounts have plus's skytee Slow mo controls and az4 price. If you had to pick which would be the best for future proofing.
  8. I know. I'd love someone in the uk to make these and the eyepiece case.
  9. Thanks for info. I like idea of not having to use a counter weight all the time. And the slow mo controls is a big plus for me.
  10. Yeh I'm really tempted to get the case and case stand! Only thing I'm not to keen on is when u put the eyepieces in case u leave the bottom cover off.
  11. Slightly off topic but do you have to use the counter weight bar or can it be balanced without it?
  12. Yeh I bet, just looks a beast for low to medium work!
  13. Do you think the AZ4 mount could hand the 150mm ST refractor for low to medium magnification?
  14. I want one of those cases from wood wonders from the states. Stunning but with a big price tag!
  15. My favourite is m13. Not the most exciting but it was the first one I saw and found my self. Still have to look at it when I'm out observing.
  16. If the solar flare does strike how are we going to post in SGL! I think the admin team needs to start planning for this situation
  17. I've heard that, people you wouldn't wanna bump into while out observing!
  18. Did think about floaters, ill check if I can see them in my 5 mm when it's clear
  19. Thanks for info, what do u think about the 4mm and 3.6mm eyepieces?
  20. I don't really get on with barlows, don't know what it is just don't find the view and pleasing. So I tend not to Barlow any eyepiece, Might order the 2.5mm as its only £49 if worst comes to worst could use it as a double star splitter!
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