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  1. Need a bit of advise! I'm new to Skywatcher mounts always had celestron or Meade. I've just got the star discovery mount and all looks great and appears to work well (not star tested it yet). just a quick question, on maximum slew number 9 it's a consistent noise clockwise, but sounds a bit up and down in noise anti clockwise. any other slew number down from 9 sound smooth in both directions. Is that normal?
  2. I went for the Star discovery mount in the end, very very pleased with it.
  3. It's a vanguard case the outside sizes are 600x390x210mm
  4. I love it, for me it's an ideal scope to be able to transport always get pin sharpe images. It does have a few limitations i.e you won't get wide field views, but to solve that I'm going to get a 120mm short tube refractor. (I did have one before but sold it when I wasn't doing any astronomy!). But I would always keep the Mak
  5. Yes no problem it's being delivered Saturday so I show it before I butcher it! and an after shot with it populated with my equipment. its slightly larger so should have a tiny bit more space for bits and bobs.
  6. So I've just upgraded my mount from the Nexstar SLT to the Skywatcher discovery mount and was hoping it would have fitted in my existing case set up. As I have to always travel to get to an observing site I didn't want to carry multiple cases etc so managed to get it down to a tripod, case and small rucksack. my existing case holds the mount, telescope, 7 eyepieces, diagonal, 4 filters, Rigel quick finder, hand controller, vibration pads, compass, red torch, planisphere, cleaning cloth, blower and a star atlas! Unfortunately the discovery mount is a bit deeper and the case won't close ? Didnt really want to buy a new case but decided to go for the Geoptik Elephant Hermetic Waterproof Case For 8" SCT Tubes. ill post some pics once I've swapped it all over!
  7. steve_bham

    Hello to All.

    Hi Chris, welcome to SGL
  8. That's a good call! Just had a look at it in iTunes Store. Thanks
  9. Thanks, that's the page I found on google, had me stumped for a bit. I'm used to just putting in the city!
  10. Found it ! Was being lazy and not using google
  11. I've only ever used celestron mounts so need a bit of help! What's the best way to work out your coordinates and silly question how don't know which is N, W etc sorry for the newbie skywatcher question ?
  12. I've just brought the discovery mount, so tagging along to see what's recommended
  13. I've upgraded to a Rigel quickfinder so have my existing red dot finder for sale. Excellent condition. £20 + postage
  14. I've upgraded to a set of BST starguider eyepieces so I have the following HR Eyepieces for sale. All in excellent condition, £20 each plus postage 25mm, 9mm, 5mm
  15. I'm selling my nexstar SLT mount as I have upgraded. The mount is in excellent condition. Collection only. £100. Any questions just ask ?
  16. steve_bham

    Hello to All.

    Hello and welcome to SGL!
  17. Sorry to hear your news and glad you are in the mend. I have used contact lenses for years now and as soon as you get them they warn you not to wear them in the shower or swimming. as long as you follow the advise and correctly clean them they are safe to wear.
  18. Thanks all, I went for sky safari pro 5 in the end! So I can use it on my iPhone and iPad. Really impressed with it so thanks for the recommendation
  19. I think the 5kg is a good amount for a tiny mount. Wonder if they will make a larger mount if it's successful ?
  20. Thanks for that looks good, how are you finding the control via the phone/tablet?
  21. I know it's a fairly new mount but does anyone know of any reviews or anyone own one? looking to know more about its stability etc? Is it better than the old AZ mount? Thanks ?
  22. Clear skies at the minute up in fife fingers crossed it stays that way! Where u looking to go?
  23. I've just joined Shropshire Astro society as they appear to have some good observing sites. be good to get this group going again
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