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  1. id just like to add if you get a laszer collimator before  you use it make sure its true by laying it on a flat level table or bench about six inch away from a wall and roll it all the way back and forwards, note the beam and if it stays at the same hight you know it true, if its not true there are useally 3 screws to adjust it. good luck and clear skys to all. 

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  2. hi mate, how long had it been outside? i have a 200p and it needs to be outside for at least 45min to a hour to reach the same temp as outside before its ready to start observing,or after this if you still don't get a good image you may need to collomate you mirrors,there is loads of good videos on youtube which will show you how its done. i hope this has been helpful. all the best and i wish all clear skys.

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