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  1. I did an experiment the other night on several targets to see what kind of results I could get with only one hour of data at f2.2. Here is IC 1805 to give you an idea of the FOV. I think with two or three hours of data the results should be pretty good! Curt
  2. Thanks for all of the compliments, folks! Curt
  3. Just under four hours of 300 second subs. I removed the LP filter and had a rough time with processing it but I wanted to try.
  4. I recently reprocessed my data and think it looks a little better. Curt
  5. Thanks for the comments and tips everyone! I'll keep reprocessing the image… that's the nice thing about keeping the data. Curt
  6. 24 subs X 300 seconds…. my processing is getting a little better but still a work in progress!
  7. I did the best I could with the experience level I have at processing this one. 2.75 hours of data from Wednesday evening… 240 second subs. There is certainly a lot to see in the image though!
  8. Thanks for the feedback, Olly. I'm always looking for ways to improve my processing since I'm relatively new to it. I checked my histogram in levels (Photoshop) and the black point is actually to the left of the toe. I may have introduced an artifact at some step in my processing but not sure. The nice thing is, I have the data and can practice iterations of processing and see if I can improve. But honestly, if you hadn't told me of the issue my inexperienced eye wouldn't have noticed it! So, thanks for pointing it out! Curt
  9. Thanks everyone for the kind compliments!
  10. My first complete image with my new system. 45 subs X 240 seconds from last night. Full (uncropped) frame to show image scale. I'm hoping the weather holds later this week so I can get back out! Curt
  11. I finally got an adapter made, purchased the LP filter that Celestron offers for this astrograph and got my first set of 9, three minute subs of M31. I wanted to see what the size of the FOV would be and I was really amazed! Anyway, it was partly cloudy at Starizona last Saturday and the light pollution dome of Tucson was a big factor so I had to throw out three of my subs. But, for a total of 27 minutes of data and some quick processing, I think this system shows some promise. I had been posting my Hyperstar images here last fall and since December the weather has been not very cooperative he
  12. Thank you, Star101… I'm sure you'll enjoy your Hyperstar setup more after you gain some more experience with it! I literally have not had one good night for imaging since last December… thank you, El Nino! Curt
  13. My 4 panel mosaic of the Orion/Running Man from 28 December. I didn't get any short exposures so I did not have the ability to do a composite image. Even tough the core is overexposed, there is some decent detail
  14. Olly... I'd be very happy to have some images like yours! Maybe someday... Gotta keep trying and learning.
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