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  1. Well its taken some time to get to grips with Pixinsight (trial) but im over the moon with the result. 27 x 60 second subs on Nikon D810 with 70-200mm F4 with darks, flats and bias in a light polluted sky at 200mm (I drizzled 2x2). cant wait to get the next one now :-) clear skies, Dan
  2. Wow, thanks very much! can I just ask what you used to remove the back ground gradient? Im worried about stopping down despite its obvious gains due to the relatively short exposures Ill be taking. I am looking forward to doing some real wide fields with the 14-24 mind which is supposed to be very good even at F2.8. Thanks again
  3. Thanks all. wimvb thankyou for the kind offer, hopefully the tif has attached to this post. kind regards STACK4 MEDIAN.TIF
  4. wasnt too bad I dont think, definitely needs to be better at this focal length though. it was 200mm at full frame but with this crop its almost effectively 800mm I think... (1920 pixels on long edge occupies 9.3mm of sensor length), or is that 400mm?
  5. final edit... just pulled surrounding area further down. Think this will do.
  6. Good evening all. Well the SA arrived this morning and following an early evening of what looked to be perpetual cloud, I stepped outside at 9:30 to find clear skies. I pratted about rolling around on the floor for 20 minutes trying to get PA before finally starting shooting. I used the optional counterweight etc so that I could still see through the polar scope. Nikon D810 with Nikkor 70-200F4, at F4 with 2 minute exposures @ ISO800. Also took 10 darks and 20 bias. out of 11 lights, 7 frames were of reasonable quality, I used DSS to stack the best 5 of these a
  7. this is exactly what I was hoping for with the SA. mine gets delivered on Monday. :-) how long and how many subs?
  8. Beautiful. looks like the borg would be at home here. Thanks for sharing
  9. absolutely stunning image
  10. Wow thats amazing. I never knew there were so many defined objects in there. need myself a decent mount I think. Thankyou for that!
  11. Hi Yes it doesnt work on my Ipad either, looks like you need to be on a PC and download the files to view. Sorry
  12. thankyou! I used the in built timelapse feature on the Nikon D810. Like an intervalometer you set the number of exposures and the time between each. Leaving the camera in manual you can then set ISO, Shutter speed and aperture. You can stop the capture any time so I just set the video length to be a few minutes and shut it off when the event has happened.
  13. Hello again all, I seem to be on a roll this evening. As per my previous posting I have been checking through my archives just for kicks. I have just come across some timelapse footage which I took specfically for fill ins on my wedding video. Not sure if the sunrise one really fits into this forum category but seeing as a widefield view of Orion is visible at the beginning Im hoping you'll let me off! My wife and I got married in Rhodes last August and so we ended up effectively having a week holiday, the ceremony and a week honeymoon. It was fantastic and I wanted to document the
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