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  1. badger111

    Help with Spectrum Lab Settings

    Here are some configuration files I used with spectrum lab (I also included a script I used for logging the pings to file) - they may be a good starting point :) MetScat_detail_v1.USR MetScat_starter_v1.USR RTL_SDR_WFM_Test.usr conditional-log-to-file.txt
  2. badger111

    Quick hello from Hull

    Hi Roger - Get a copy of Stellarium from http://www.stellarium.org/ - It's free and brilliant for seeing-what-you-can-see from where you are
  3. badger111

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Steve, Greetings from Maldon, Essex.
  4. badger111


    Greetings from Maldon, UK.
  5. badger111


    Hi Soph, I enjoy viewing the night sky through a pair of binoculars. I would recommend getting something to support them whilst looking though Greetings from Maldon, Essex...
  6. badger111

    Hello from Berlin, Germany

    Hi Carsten, Greetings from Maldon, UK. (Nice M42 )
  7. badger111

    Hello everyone

    Hello James, Greetings from Maldon, Essex.
  8. badger111

    Hi All!

    Hi capncurt86, Greetings from Maldon, UK.
  9. badger111

    hello, newbie here

    Greetings from Maldon, Essex Keeny..
  10. badger111

    Hello and thank you!

    Hi Riemann, Greetings from Maldon, Essex.
  11. badger111

    Hello all!

    Greetings from Maldon, UK.
  12. badger111

    Newbie, from Greenock, Scotland

    Hi Shug, Greetings from Maldon, Essex.
  13. badger111

    Hi from Inverness

    Hello Kenny, Welcome to SGL from Maldon, Essex.
  14. badger111

    Hello all from somerset

    Greetings Somerset from Maldon, Essex.
  15. badger111

    Rekindling an interest in astronomy.

    Welcome to SGL from Maldon, Essex.

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