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  1. Great job Ajay! Focus, color, background are all outstanding. JB
  2. Greta capture Martin. Great detail and contrast too. JB
  3. Great job Rob! I like the smoothness and color. I like the mini Orion constellation just east of Florida. JB
  4. Outstanding!! Well worth your time and thanks for sharing this. JB
  5. Looks good as is. Some of these open clusters hide some real gems. I was bored and did about a half dozen or so last year and was surprised to find nebulosity and small galaxies in the FOV. Who knew. JB
  6. Hi everyone, here is another of the images I captured during two weeks of clear skies. It is the Pacman nebula from my Bortle 6 home observatory in three versions; LRGB, SHO, and LRhaGB. Thanks for looking and any feedback is always welcome! JB http://jbnightsky.com/2014/10/29/ngc-281-pacman-nebula/
  7. Great field and what a great portable setup. JB
  8. Interesting target, looks like a frog chasing a large fly! Good job. JB
  9. Hi Chris,15 minute subs are plenty long enough for this target but you need more of them. There is much more nebulosity to be shown but as mentioned above you need more subs and stretching. Great start though and it will look great when finished. JB
  10. Really clean image with great framing, detail, and color. Great job. JB
  11. I like the contrast and detail in the original image and I'm sure the finished product will be stunning. JB
  12. NOMH


    A really smooth yet detailed image with great color balance. Great stuff! JB
  13. Great image and a great field of view. I'm adding this to my list. JB
  14. Hi Barry, I like both images but the second one the best. I had this problem with my Televue scope and fixed my problem by having Precise Parts make a threaded adapter that fit my reducer and the extension I needed. The extension had two pieces, one was the black body with the screws and the other was the part that went into the focuser. They were screwed together so an adapter could be made to mate the reducer to the extension via a threaded connection. I believe this would work for a Takahashi image train so that the only screw connection would be to the ocular adapter or CAA. JB
  15. NOMH

    NGC 7380

    Thanks Fordos Moon! Thanks Michael! Hi Juan, I will give that a try. It makes perfect sense.Thanks, JB
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