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    Camping under dark skies, drinking to excess, cooking and astronomy, all in the same week when possible!
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  1. Oh dear, I literally just sold the motorbike this afternoon......
  2. It's a tough one to do inside to be honest. I remember I did the initial set up on my 200P in my hallway using the flushing handle of the bog about 20 yards away I then took it outside and located Albireo with the finder scope roughly aligned (as it could be just about split in the finder, and it's well placed at the moment for an early evening hit) then nudged the scope about until I had it in the centre of my 25 mm EP. Then adjusted the finder scope to match, and went down to a 10mm EP. I'm sure someone has a more scientific way, but this was my solution to avoid looking like a voyeur pointing it at peoples aerials and the such
  3. Hi Alex, You appear to be missing a diagonal. Would go into the chrome end of the telescope in your first image. I've circled it in red in the rather blurry image! below. This is what you would put your eyepieces into, seen in your second and final image. It's possible but unlikely that you could get the telescope to focus without the diagonal, by simply putting them into the chrome end of the telescope. As you can imagine, even if you did manage to do this it would make viewing difficult, as most of the time we want to look at things directly above us - this is why the diagonal putting the eyepiece at a right angle to the telescope makes things easier I don't know what the particular telescope is that you have there, but I'm sure that someone with more knowledge than me will be along to give you some guidance on the size diagonal you need - typically it would be a 1.25 inch or 2 inch, but some older/ more budget designs us a 0.965 inch fitting I believe.
  4. This is brilliant advice, in the absence of having someone to guide you through it Astrobabys guide is invaluable. I used to have a 200P which I bought second hand, and had many sleepless nights over collimation before actually having a go. The guide really does explain everything well, just give yourself a bit of time and don't have a whisky before doing it the first time
  5. Though perhaps not qualified to speak with any authority, I'd echo the sentiments of the ED80 supporters. Like you, there is potential for a medium sized Dob in my stable in the next few years, so just considering the ED80 visually it compliments a larger Dob as a grab and go/ travel/ rich-field scope. As far as AP goes I'm clueless, though having spent some time on these forums and looking at his images, I'm inclined to say that if Olly recommends the ED80 then you won't be going too far wrong.
  6. Hi all - my my, I'm glad I asked before I got over-enthusiastic with the hacksaw thanks for educating me, as pointed out above as I shan't need to be correcting for cone error using the AZ4 I shall simply whip the problematic ones out and put them away until I reach the levels of masochism required to purchase an HEQ5 Pro and start trying to image Thanks again, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, I shall have a closer inspection this evening and report back!
  8. Hello all - I'm hoping that someone can help me with a little bit of an issue I'm having with my new set up. After a recent relationship break up my 200P dobsonian had to go (I just didn't have room to take it), and I've been without a scope for about 7 months! Which left me lots of time to decide on what it was going to get replaced with! As much as I loved the views from the 200P, owing to the amount of multi day camping trips I do I ended up deciding on an ED80. Although coupled with the AZ4 it's nearly as big as the 200p (which surprised me!) the fact that everything packs down individually makes it a lot more transportable for me when it has to be packed in alongside a tent, wood burning stove, logs etc. I also figured that a nice rich field scope will always make a decent partner for a bigger dob in years to come when I have a bit more storage space (beauty of this set up is it can go under the bed!). Right, now the rambling is out of the way! The scope arrived last week after what had seemed like 2 weeks of clear skies. It has predictably been cloudy since, but on setting up the scope I have noticed a bit of an issue. The bolts used to secure the dovetail to the tube rings are chuffing massive, as you can see below, protruding a good way beyond the bottom of the dovetail. Whilst this would usually I'm sure amount only to a minor annoyance with most mounts, it does seem to stump the AZ4 a bit. As marked by the red oval in the below, the bolts foul against part of the mount. This prevents it reaching zenith. It wouldn't be the first time I've missed something, so I wondered if anyone with this set up could have a look and let me know if I'm failing to make some leap of logic with this equipment! I could mount the scope more centrally on the dovetail which would let me reach zenith, but with the ED80 being quite a short tube and fairly back heavy this seems to be where it is happiest balance wise. Could well be I'm missing something here, as this is my first refractor! Just wanted to check before I order some shorter bolts (or take a junior hacksaw to these ones). Thanks for looking, any wisdom greatly appreciated
  9. Thanks estwing, I would but hilariously enough we get 4g at our dark site but no mobile signal at home! Going to be about 4 weeks until we can get BT back at home, and just packing up to go home - although in the time it took to write to this I could have probably made a new thread, but there you go!!
  10. Well, that screws the goose - sorry to hijack the thread, but I was going to ask which eyepiece I should buy as an 'heirloom' EP, the 31mm Nagler or 21mm Ethos for my 200p.... Apparently both is the answer!!! Lovely EP'S, congratulations. Can you give me any insight for my decision? There is probably a faster dob in my future. And I am drawn to the ethos - I have a 'buy once' attitude!
  11. Congratulations and enjoy! If the skies where you are are in the same league as Moycullen I'd say it'll be put to good use!!
  12. Cheers Chris, I was talking myself out of it having happened haha!
  13. Or have I spotted something else?! I was looking in Cygnus and was definitely seeing two points of light, yellow and blue, but the more I read the more I doubt I could split them in the 8x60's!
  14. Well, it seems my Lidl bins have paid for themselves. I've actually seen Albireo colourfully split! Now I know where to look I'm sure I'll have an awesome view through the dob when there's a night worth having it out. I have to admit, the 8 x magnification is not conducive to what I would describe as a steady image, for me personally. For context, I guess the bins weigh around (guess work vs bags of sugar) 800 grams, and I'm relatively shakeless - I work in electronics and regularly handle very small devices ( http://www.smtinline.com/html-en/0201.html - to the left of the ones with 0's on them, directly under the ants head). And I found the amount of wobble almost distracting! Will have to get a monopod and compare with these! Suffice to say that I feel these are at the limits of what I can comfortably hand hold - of course, anyone reading this may well be different!
  15. Haha, go forth and spread the BSO warning, glad it transcends hobbies! Seems useful to have one less new acronym to learn for astronomy - this one will be easy to remember eh! Haha. May have just bought my own potentially BSO's tonight, a very impulse purchase... from Lidl, 8x60 Bressers. the 10x50's seem to have had good press, looking forward to getting these toward the night skies! Regardless, having played with them tonight just looking at planes passing overhead I'm pleased with them for day time use. And they've certainly confirmed that I much prefer looking with two eyes than one! Steve, I will definitely be having a look at your website and book in the coming months!
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