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  1. Hertford Stargazer - That’s quite a story. Is it OK to ask what your internet radio station is called?
  2. This has actually turned into a more interesting topic than I had anticipated :-) So it seems as though the majority are lucky enough to live / observe in a quiet place, and prefer to be at one with the universe whilst they do that. Complete respect to these people - they probably have the logical view of what observing is all about. Then there are some who listen to music because quiet isn't an option or because they simply like listening to it. I sometimes have had frowns from friends that I often wear earphones e.g. on public transport (not at social gatherings!). However my vi
  3. Thanks everyone. I've carefully been through each post and added the suggestions - where there's a whole album mentioned or suite of pieces I've picked one I particularly liked. mikeyj1 - Couldn't find your playlist - there were tons with that name (probably due to the Coldplay album) ... Shame as I would have been interested to have a listen through. I agree that it is nice to have nature's own sounds - and envy those of you who have that option - for me in Stockport it is more cars going past or joyful people coming back from the pub!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I've build a Spotify playlist including the suggestions above (good call with Underworld, Air, Leftfield, Johnny Nash :-) ... And I've included the likes of Daft Punk (Nightvision), Trentemoller, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer (Blade Runner 2049 track Mesa), Mike Oldfield, Jarre, Eric Serra (from Fifth Element), Royksopp, etc. And to get this a bit more on topic here is a link to the tutorial I did a while ago for those getting started in Astrophotography. I attempt to break it down into the steps I went through in my first 2 years. I did post it here a couple of y
  5. Does anyone else listen to music whilst they sit for hours in the cold patiently watching each image appear and anxiously watching for clouds? I'm guessing quite a few people are into Electronica - Vangelis / Mike Oldfield etc. - maybe the new Vangelis Rosetta album, or the new Blade Runner 2048 soundtrack by Hans Zimmer? If people have any favourites I'll create a Spotify playlist and share? Thanks, Matt
  6. Looking at the image I took - I'm not so sure anymore. I think it is better - but the stars are still cut off. I might have to get the hacksaw out myself. Ceames - how did you do this - did you unscrew the whole focuser and saw about 1cm off the tube, and then screw it back on? I'm not really a DIY type ...! I've attached the image. It's a not great effort at the Pelican nebula - made of around 12 x 210s shots.
  7. Hi. I moved the mirror as far forward as it would go - basically so that the screws that lock it in position after collimation could still make contact. I am not a collimation expert by any means but I checked it by focusing on Deneb looking through a 9mm eyepiece and then unfocusing slightly - and I did get the concentric circles (airy effect). But interestingly when I defocused the other way I got a distorted airy effect - so not sure it is perfect. I then tried again. What I noticed was that if I make the image unfocused by having the focuser tube too far in, and then move towards foc
  8. I've moved the mirror as far up as it will go, and re-collimated. I'll do some testing tonight hopefully (won't need too much clear sky for the purposes of this). I'll let you know how it goes :-)
  9. Thanks everyone for your help. I have checked the adaptor I am using and it is the Skywatcher M48 - so hopefully no problem there. I have also been using the filter in the correct place by the sound of it. Therefore I will now try moving the main mirror up the tube as you suggest Sandy. Thanks again - I will let you know how I get on.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I collimated last night before imaging and did the star test - and it seems correct. So I've ruled that out. However I think I need to try the UHC filter before the CC as you suggest.
  11. Hi, I finally got round to buying a SW Coma Corrector for my SW Explorer 150PDS. I screw it directly into a T-Ring fitted to my Canon 1100D. I then screw a UHC filter onto the Coma Corrector. So Camera -> T-Ring -> Coma Corrector -> UHC filter. Unfortunately I believe the coma has now got worse. Instead of having it all pointing to the middle, the tear drops now all point in one direction in every picture I do, and all over the picture. The direction varies from picture to picture. I have attached an example from last night. This was made up of around 25 x 4 minute exposures sta
  12. Hi groberts, Thanks for your encouragement. I had quite a long read of your website - very interesting. I especially liked your round-up of 2014 and how you had progressed. Also the points where you mention how you made little breakthroughs along the way. Thanks, Matthew
  13. Hi Redmoo, I have occasionally been to http://www.maccastro.com. Pretty friendly group and they have beginners nights etc. I went to their telescope show and tell they do in the summer before buying my Explorer 150 - that was very useful. I think the breakthrough for me image-wise was getting a UHC filter to block light pollution and buying StarTools. Both of these made a massive difference. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Matthew.
  14. Hi everyone, Around 8 months ago I finally got the money together for a mount (EQ5 Pro) and so started my astrophotography journey. Back then with lots to learn I promised myself that once I was producing some basic reasonable images I would write a step by step tutorial for others to read. I've learnt everything from this forum, youtube searches, the friendly guys at Opticstar, and the odd book. I know I am still a beginner, but I would have valued another tutorial back in May last year fresh from a beginners perspective, so i've taken a couple of hours to write this in case it helps anyon
  15. Good pragmatic simple tips - thanks very much. Feel a bit embarrassed I didn't find them for myself! :-)
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