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    Music - Progressive rock, classic rock, etc!
    Photography, especially live music - go to Concert Photography Plus http:\\www.tcpp.uk
    ... and, of course, astronomy and (soon) astroimaging - Celestron VX 925SCT and Nexstar 6SE
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  1. Well all of my bits arrived within a few days... so I now have TS Optics Binoviewers plus 20mm WO eyepieces. So far only one chance to try them (which was next days as it happened) and struggled to align the images. I guess that's a learning experience - either that or the rings are very tight and not moving far enough. Similar issues with the Pentax zoom (8-24mm) - very tight so not easy to focus, but I'm guessing that will improve. As seeing was far from perfect, it probably wasn't the best first test...
  2. OK... I think I've got the message and FLO have got my cash! One Pentax zoom will hopefully be on its way here shortly. Which will put one Opticstar Premium XL zoom on the market if anyon'e interested - and it's not at all bad (I'd say noticeably above entry level but not up to Pentax standards - or at least the Pentax one had better be somewhat better!!).
  3. End of procrastination.... decided on the TS Optics BVs - there seems to be a number of people that have had the Williams that now say they'd go for the TVs instead, though more people have WOs. However as everyone seems to agree the WO 20mm EPs are actually rather good (at least for their pricepoint and/or for being included with the WO BVs), I've acquired an unused pair of them too from UKAstro. I suspect I'll add some 15mm TV Plossls later. It will be interesting to see what works with the 2.5x Powermate I have, on a 9.25" SCT..... Still pondering the Pentax zoom too! Then that'll be this year's budget gone (well, actually gone twice but nevermind. Whoops!)
  4. Thanks again... it's all interesting. I think I'm now leaning back towards the Williams - the fact they come with a pair of clearly well matched EPs that no-one's said anything bad about is a strong factor. I have two SCTs - 9.25" on a AVX mount (which should take the weight easily - in fact that was my first experience when I borrowed some last weekend) and my Nexstar SE6 - smaller and far faster to set up when I get a brief break in the cloud - hopefully the BVs will be okay with that too. But whether I go for WO or TS, the weight isn't going to change significantly. Additional EPs will come later - 15mm TV Plossls may be top of the list. May sell one or two I currently have but have hardly ever used, like my 10mm Hyperion...
  5. Hello everyone - during my deliberations I've spotted this review of the WO BVs. I'm not saying anything about it other than it makes an interesting read - perhaps those more knowledgeable than me will have some thoughts... http://www.scopereviews.com/page3j.html
  6. Sounds like the Pentax XW and XL are one and the same thing if I correctly follow what was posted a dozen or so posts above... just a branding issue in different places/times...?
  7. Yes... that's what's got me thinking!! I must learn to stop thinking. It usually ends up being expensive.... :/
  8. Ah, okay thanks. I'm leaning towards the TS ones too, with Williams as my main alternative. Haven't completely ruled out the Baaders but I need to end this procrastination!! I think the compression rings rather than screws is drawing me that way though that probably shouldn't be the major consideration!
  9. Hi - just to be clear - was this the Williams Optics ones you tried last night and which were the other two they were better than? Thanks!
  10. I have an Opticstar XL Premium Zoom ) or that's what they used to call it!), 7.25mm-22.5mm. As far as I can tell, it could well come from the same factory as the Skywatcher Hyperflex 8E zoom - based upon its shape seeming to be identical, as is the font used on the gradations and text on it.... Whether it's any good I can't say, as I haven't compared it directly with anything else and having never had perfect seeing conditions I don't know whether what I'm seeing should have looked better than it sometimes does. But I will say a zoom is a useful thing to own, and at the 22.5mm end I can't really tell any difference compared to my bundled Celestron 25mm Plossls and at the 10mm point there isn't much difference to my 10mm Hyperion, in fact to my eyes the zoom often seems better. But I'm seriously thinking of switching to the Pentax XL/SMC 8-24mm - what does anyone think?
  11. How are the TS ones, please? There seem to be a lot of people saying the TS, WO, Baader etc are essentially all the same optics with perhaps a few differences in other areas. At the moment I think my choice is between: - TS - have the advantage of compression rings rather than thumbscrews I believe and a nice little case (but only takes the BVs) - WO - come with a pair of 20mm eyepieces which many people have said are rather impressive for something bundled and are designed for compatibility I'd guess? - Baader Maxvision - discontinued but there are places still selling them but not sure there is any advantage - Celestron - can't see any specific advantage except that they'll be going on my two Celestron SCTs so slight possibility of a design that maximises compatibility? In practice I think I'm torn between the first two, especially if i can get a pair of WO WA 20mm EPs for the TS BVs, which I might be able to....
  12. Thanks again Dave. At the moment I don't have any at all, so planning to buy something soonish... I know someone in Stoke-On_Trent too, so he may well know him. Those plus a TS BV is one option, or the WO BV set is the other. Decisions! I'll think overnight - for now, there is a dark area above my head outside with twinkly things in it. Think I remember seeing that last year.... ;-) better make the most of it!! By the way, I see you have the Pentax XL zoom - what do you think of it? I have an Opticstar zoom, but have always been a Pentax camera user....
  13. Thanks Dave - that's really helpful... indeed probably too much so as it's now thrown the field wide open again!! I was slowly coming down to the Williams option - partly because they include the two 20mm eyepieces (Plossl I believe?) and no-one seems to say anything bad about those, at least in this context. As far as I can tell, they're not available separately though? I agree with your thoughts about tiny screws - in fact I bought some big ones with long threads to use in place of some of my smaller ones - so the compression rings on the TS offering is now back in the frame, especially if I can find some decent eyepieces. As I have two Celestron SCT's, and each came with a default 25mm Plossl, I could try those to start with, and Televue 15mm Plossls might get added later. My usual problem is getting eyepieces I then find I can't get on with - I've hardly used my Baader Hyperion 10mm for example.
  14. Sounds like a good way to go... having had my first experience of a binoviewer last night (WO), now decided I really must get one - but torn between WO and Baader Maxvision. Any thoughts, pros/cons or are they all the same? Thanks!
  15. Hi - just wondered how you feel the Baader Maxbright binoviewer compares with the Williams Optics, in their original state (before changing any default eyepieces) and with different ones. Is the fact you are/were selling the Maxbrights an indication you feel the WO is better? Thanks!
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