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  1. Hi all, it's been a while since I was on the forum due to work and home life pressures, but I have recently been enthused by an astro friend of mine who purchased a StarSense for his AVX mount. I have a CG5-GT mount purchased around 2010 (one of the last ones I think) and I'm interested to know if anyone has any experience with this set up. My mount is bulletproof and never fails me. I know it's getting on a bit, but I don't really need to update at the moment for visual only. A few questions below if anyone can help: Where to attach the StarSense camera? I have a C9.25 with finder scope attached. Does the StarSense replace the finder scope or should it be installed as well as the finder scope? If so, then where can it be attached on the OTA? Do new StarSense units still need to have the firmware updated out of the box? Are they now shipped with up to date firmware? Will I need to update the firmware on my mount? Are there still some versions of the CG5-GT mount that are not compatible? If so, how do I find out if my mount is compatible or not? Questions, questions....
  2. Explore Scientific 100 deg 20mm eyepiece for sale. Like new condition, in original box with caps. Selling as I have moved over to binoviewing. £220 includes tracked delivery in the UK.
  3. Hi Gavin, for the moon, the WO pair are probably my favourites. For planets, the orthos and NLVs are the best performers. I use soft rubber eye cups on both of these eyepieces. All of my bino eyepieces have soft rubber eye cups that I immerse my eyes into.
  4. I use 25 mm TV plossls, the 20 WO EPs that come with the WO binos, 18 mm orthos and a pair of modified 15 mm NLVs. All provide plenty of room to accommodate my conk. I went through the same pain as you Gavin, choosing bino pairs is not easy.
  5. To clarify further exactly how I use the collimator. I perform step 1 of the process very carefully, using position 1 on the unit. The inner edges of the lines will tell you if the secondary is not centred. The outer edges will tell you if the primary optical axis is not aligned. I don't bother removing the secondary as there is nothing to adjust on my visual back (I use a Baader click lock). I then switch to position 2 on the collimator and adjust the secondary screws to collimate. If everything is aligned, the focused dot visible on the reflector mirror should be in the centre. Are you collimating with the diagonal in place? If so, that will be your problem. I haven't seen a diagonal yet that is collimated exactly. Even my Baader prism diagonal is ever so slightly out and that was damned expensive. Try it again without to see what I mean.
  6. does anyone know if there is a successor to the highly regarded Pentax PCF WP II 10 x 50 binoculars? A lot of retailers are showing these as discontinued. Is there something even better now available?
  7. There is a YouTube video describing the steps that Jonah has discussed. Part of it does describe removing the secondary to check that the optical train is aligned. Any small errors in the first step can lead to subsequent errors. Worth checking that the first step is spot on before you panic. If it still shows a misalignment on the reflector mirror then something is not right.
  8. Separate dew strap and shield. If the strap goes kaput on a combined version you will need to replace the whole lot. Baader click lock visual back. BINOVIEWERS, BINOVIEWERS, BINOVIEWERS!! Nice big wide field EP like an ES 82 deg 30 mm. Baader prism diagonal. Bobs Knobs. I also have access to a Hotech Advanced Laser Collimator through my astro club. A few suggestions to be getting on with.
  9. While observing I keep all my filters and eyepieces in a foam lined (camping mat) plastic food container with a lid. I only take out what I need. If you need to take things inside after a session observing, leave them to equilibrate and all will be fine.
  10. If you observe at the same magnification, how do they compare? Apples and oranges?
  11. I got mine from Bob himself in the U.S. Free postage from what I remember and came within a week.
  12. I have the ES 82 deg 30 mm for use with my C9.25. A really excellent combination and relaxing to use as well.
  13. A great report Bill, thanks for sharing. As I only use binos for lunar and planetary observing, I won't be flexing the plastic. Not yet anyway.......
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