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  1. Hi mad astro girl, welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the lounge, a great bunch of guys n gals, enjoy and happy gazing, hope to see some off your pics soon. Jamie
  2. Hi obi wan, I was wondering the same myself, it would be good to get into a group of like minded folks and get out and about, at the momment the back yard and some safer locals are my extent, any info on this would be helpfull, happy gazing. Jamie
  3. Hi mark, just found one called central scotland observing group, their web page is csog, have a look and see they do meets etc will have a look myself and hopfully tie up with them, good luck may see you at some event some night.
  4. Hi guys, Does any one know of any astro clubs in the central belt of scotland, new to this and looking for a club/ locations to take kit out, and seek knowledge, advice and likeminded people.
  5. Skipper billy, Cheers for the info, will pay the area a visit when down, and hopefully get some quality gazing time in, this site is superb for info from guys like yourself, thanks again. Jamie
  6. Hi all, I am heading down to the lake district in june, has anyone any experiences or advice on dark sky locations, or any asto clubs in that area. Hoping to get some good gazing done, weather permitting of course, cheers guys and thanks. Jamie Skywatcher 200p eq5, celestron 114 gotomount, x-cel-lx and es 82 eps.nikon d3100 camera.
  7. Hi guys Welcome to SGL, happy gazing and have fun Jamie Scopes:skywatcher 200p eq5 f/5 ,celestron 114 synscan goto mount Eps: celestron x-cel-lx, skywatcher super, es 82 degree : Camera: nikon d3100 with 2xbarlow adaptor Finder: telrad
  8. Hi yep I would agree with oldpink, I have the same rig and can get Saturn fairly good, at least able to see the gas bands and moons, I think a lot depends on your light quality also, try some clubs and experiment with various scopes before commiting to purchase, I originally got a celestron 114lcm and upgraded to an 8inch skywatcher, much better views gut price goes up also, good luck, and enjoy.
  9. Hi Andy, Dont know too much about the dobs but recently got a skywatcher 200p/1000 with an eq5 mount, your right it is a bit of a beast but once you get it set up a few times its quite a [removed word] cat, I have upgraded from a 114/1000 celestron, and am loving the skywatcher, had to collimate formthe frst time and even this was fairly straight forward, hope this helps, happy gazing. Jamie56
  10. Hi Rob, I.am a newby also, and new scope out the box was found to be needing collimation, try this first, I have seen Jupiter several times now and allthough light polution was present the view was still enjoyable, happy gazing and good luck Jamie56
  11. Hi sam, welcome aboard, I.am a newby also nice to hearnso many like minded people out there. Have seen Jupiter a few times before clouded in, amazing views, happy gazing Skywatcher 200p newt celestron xcel lenses
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    Hi all, my name is Jim, aka jamie56, new to all this have just got a skywatcher 200p newt with celestron lens, lookin forward to some clear skies and good viewing, bit cloudy in bonnybridge at the momment though.
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