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  1. Might catch you as we will be heading back then, any idea when the autumn will will be ? Trying to plan hols around it.
  2. Hi Derek yea probably just bring the star adventurer and Dawn's scope, no point in dragging the whole kit down, am guessing you and the good lady are coming.
  3. Hi derek/Mike At best we will get Friday and Saturday no hols left used them up at college studying anti rain dance technics
  4. thats dawn and myself back home, another great star camp, thanks again to Mike for all and Lesley n Ralph for wonderful welcome, attached a wee unprocessed image of horse head not great but am pleased with it so far, take care guys and hopefully see you all in the spring.
  5. Not long now heading down Saturday, skies have been clear here past couple of nites hopefully a good omen for the week.
  6. Any one out there used this ep in a mak180.
  7. Hi all not been on for ages, work crazy just now, looking forward to star camp hopefully clear skies in order. Looking forward to seeing the old faces and hopefully some new ones. Catch up.soon.
  8. Jeez Ian that's a lot of chocolate, is it laced in whisky ??
  9. Any one out there using one of these beasts for imaging having real issues with focus and final image ie m43, is unrecognisable just a load of stars? Is the scope not capable of picking out specific images or is it me being daft. Camera I am using is a modded canon DSLR,
  10. Hi Julian glad you made it back safe, hope you get sorted out with new poles, thanks again for use of the adapter, see you in the Autumn.
  11. Hi Derek Yea I got soaked does that count,????? see you in the Autumn, I believe your " T " total now ?? will give you a call later,
  12. Sorry never got chance to say cheerio think you was in the shower's
  13. Back home now all sorted out trip home ok wee detour via ayr as A77 closed at Maybole, another good star camp couple of days at start of week excellent, great catching up with the usual culprits, and the mad prof put in an appearance as well?? great seeing you and Annette again, looking forward to Autumn event , and should be a cracker as 10th anniversary one. Good on ye Mike yer a true star,
  14. Cracking image Mike, look forward to the others. Ps get yet ass out there and get them cameras going?
  15. How about some clear skies with a few nice stars??
  16. Haha I should have went to Specsavers ?
  17. Nice images what lens were you using for the mars shot
  18. Hi Mike Just seen thread allready booked up Clearly skies, pies and some whisky are in order, speak to you soon take it easy.
  19. All ready booked up Mike, hopefully clear skies and I can give that new mak a decent run out ??
  20. wee time lapse of the camp, first attempt at this so a bit long and forgot to add the sound. could have done with zooming in a bit as well. frames set at 1sec capture, star camp 2018_Small.mp4
  21. Hi Mike got your message but can't open attachment. Got PHD sorted out changed setting on eqmod.


    1. Demon Barber

      Demon Barber

      Hi Jim,send me your email as i have lost it,ta


    2. jamie56


      Hi Mike


      Still trying to complile the time lapse from star camp will upload it when done, 

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