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  1. Hi,

    did you receive the PM containing the information?



    1. garryblueboy


      Hi no sorry 

  2. erg121

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Hi Richard, are you still interested in the Starsense? Regards Garv
  3. erg121

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    I've PM'd the requested details.
  4. erg121

    Hello from Cyprus

    Welcome Bob, You're a lucky man being in Cyprus and I bet the weather is perfect for star gazing out there. Grey and raining in Durham at the moment lol
  5. erg121

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Hi Richard, images attached for your perusal regards Garvin
  6. erg121

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Hi, I'll post the pictures this evening / tomorrow morning. Sorry for the late response but was at the Dead Daisies gig in Newcastle last night and didn't get a chance to take photographs. The Starsense was checked and re-boxed so pretty much as new so do you feel £200 is a realistic price including postage? Let me know your thoughts? Regards Garv
  7. erg121

    Starsense for Sky-Watcher

    Hi rhw1967, I have one I bought from FLO late last year and has only been taken out of the box to check and then re-boxed if you are interested? Just never got around to using it.
  8. erg121

    Distance from sensor

    Added a T2 extension to my setup and can now get focus with my guide scope so thank you to everyone for their invaluable help and advice. Onwards and upwards
  9. erg121

    Software for an iMac

    I'm in the middle of getting rid of my IMac as unfortunately software choices seem to be greater on a PC. I'm sure there are a number of pieces of software will work but I believe the software seems to be more PC orientated?
  10. erg121

    Distance from sensor

    Thanks for the information vlaiv, almcl & michael8554 . I believe I may have the information I needed and hopefully something amongst my spare bits and pieces I can use.
  11. erg121

    Hello from Staffordshire

    Hi and welcome. Hope you get your scope up and running soon.
  12. Hi, I'm now taking photographs with my ED80 and Zwo 1600mm cooled after setting the correct distance between the sensor and the field flattener. My problem is that I want to start guiding for longer exposures but I am unable to get focus when my ZWO 120mc is attached to my Skywatcher Evoguide 50ED guidescope? Does anyone know what the distance should be between the sensor and the guidescope and if further spacers may be required? I have tried with and without the extension on the back of the guide scope? As usual your help is much appreciated.
  13. erg121

    Basket Case

    Definitely the way to go then. I shall start cutting tonight lol
  14. erg121

    Basket Case

    I've now got a spare case which I've decided store my imaging kit in it full time instead of storage in their original boxes. The question is, do people take their imaging kit to site ready assembled in a case or storage box, or do they do assemble it when they arrive on site? Also will the spacers between each item change if I swap the imaging kit between my Esprit 150 to my ED80? As usual your help on this would be much appreciated.
  15. 2000 charge cycles and only £115 is rather impressive. May have to shake the wallet over the weekend. Thank you so much for the advice.

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