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  1. Hi Thomas,
    I've got G-40 too:

    There's G-40 user manual on Gemini page:

    I wonder, if it is the same manual as yours.

    Best wishes

    1. Odd Thomas

      Odd Thomas

      Hi Jarek, I've only just seen your message! Sorry for not replying sooner. You look like you have a great set up. What do you think of the mount?

      all the best, Tom. 

    2. Jagho


      Hi Tom,
      Well, I'm very happy with this mount, really. I had NEQ6 and I have to say the G40 is much, much more stable, even during windy weather (I have roll-off roff obs). Old FS2 "goto" system I changed to AstroEQ.

      Clear skies

  2. I hope so too, Maurice Besides, other discoverers statistics are much better: Tim Puckett (one of the largest in the world) ~1 SN every 8000 images (300+ SN) Robert Evens ~ 1 SN every 4000 observations (47 SN) Peter Marples ~ 1 SN per 5000 images (8 SN) Stu Parker ~ 1 SN every 2800 images (57 SN) (--- http://www.bosssupernova.com---) You personally know Tom Boles and Ron Arbour. I'm sure, their statistics are also better than mine. Jarek
  3. Edit: My supernova search project was starting in 2013 - own software creating, roll-off roof observatory building... Sorry !
  4. Thank you all. My supernova search project was starting in 2014 - own software creating, roll-off roof observatory building. Systematic searching since April 25, 2014. Some statistics: 12285 images for the first discovery 18418 images for the second discovery 1606 images for the third discovery My software sets a different exposure parameters (time, stacking) depends on weather conditions, moon phases and distance to galaxy (radial velocity/redshift) etc, so I never checked SNR for this exposure conditions. Jarek
  5. Hi, I do, I'm using Lodestar X2 mono + 10" SW Quattro CF + G-40 mount I've got 3 so far: 15.10.2014 http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/unconf/followups/J22394901+3812500.html http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/sn2014/index.html#PSNJ22394901+3812500 12.06.2015 http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/unconf/followups/J17162885+0625585.html http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/sn2015/index.html#PSNJ17162885+0625585 19.08.2015 http://www.cbat.eps.harvard.edu/unconf/followups/J22412689+3917220.html http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html#PSNJ22412689+3917220 Jarek
  6. Hi, I've got the e-mail from Terry Platt: "The Ultrastar will probably be in the region of 750 UK pounds, as the CCD is quite expensive when compared with the Lodestar chip. We will keep it as low as we can."
  7. Hi All, My name is Jarek. I read this forum very often but this is my first post. Now I have to write a few words. I was using Lodestar mono and now I have Lodestar X2 mono. I use it for my supernova search project. I could reach 16.5 - 17 mag with old Lodestar and now 18-18.5 mag with new Lodestar X2 (45-60 s exposure, 8" Newton f/5). I've discovered PSN J22394901+3812500 using Lodestar X2. It's a briliant camera, much more sensitive than my old Lodestar. So given my experience I absolutely disagree with Lorenzo Comolli conclusions. Jarek http://www.jgao.pl
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