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  1. Lovely! Saludos desde Asturias!
  2. ForrestR

    First Dark Site Image

    warp drive was engaged?
  3. Perfect, thanks! I replaced all of them in my TV once, when it took about a half hour to come on.... on recommendation of someone in a forum, worked like a charm. I am okay with a soldering iron so I will give this a try, again, thanks for the help. Forrest
  4. Which reminds me, how to I assure I have polarity correct when I repair or replace this board? I really appreciate the help, thank you all. Forrest
  5. It´s definitely worth a shot, these are CHEAP as I recall, had to replace some in my TV once.
  6. Thanks Geoff, I removed the motherboard and took some pics. I don´t see an obvious analogue of the chip at U11, but it does appear that one of the capacitors may be bulged, at least compared to the capacitor next to it. It doesn´t appear to be burned over overheated, but the top is definitely bulged compared to its companion. Pics: subir gif subir gif subir gif
  7. I think that´s it. I just looked at the transformer and indeed, it says 12v, 50w, but does not specify AC or DC. That makes perfect sense, but damn, what a stupid mistake, and very frustrating to get off to such a bad start. I have a 150 12v DC PS on order, but I was impatient and wanted to power up the mount and figured, I have this small transformer, read voltage at 12.2, never thought to check if it was direct current, I always assumed these transformers were, based on nothing but igrnorance. It´s a first world problem, and it won´t kill me to buy a new board, but man I feel like a fool starting out this way. I have seen the board on TS, about 120 Euros I think, any other suggestions for a lower price? Thank you so much for your help. I was pretty sure it was the board, but at least now I have a good idea what I did wrong and have learned something. Forrest
  8. I guess this is more or less my first post here, apart from one I posted in a sales thread some time ago. I have been lurking here for some time, became a member not that long ago, and haven´t had anything to contribute I am sad to say. And now it seems I need help. I have searched this and other forums but can´t seem to find my exact problem. I recently purchased a second hand NEQ6 mount and I tried to power it up yesterday and I think I damaged the mount. I used a 12v 4A transformer (analogue heavy transformer, intended for halogen lighting). I did not check polarity. There was no telescope on the mount, but I forgot to remove the counterweight which was pointing down towards floor. I turned on the mount with handset attached, it initialized, asked if I wanted to return to park, I said yes, there was a brief, faint, sizzling sound, and then nothing. No movement. The red LED is on, the handset works fine, but now when I power down and power up, the handset doesn´t ask about park anymore, but it seems fine otherwise. It goes through setup, if I go to three star alignment at the end, it will say "slewing" but nothing happens. When the handset is powered up, and until I start alignment, there is a faint high frequency sound coming from the vicinity of the motors, not the board, but that sound stops as soon as the alignment attempt starts. I can see no visible damage to the board, no burn marks, nothing. I suspect I have fried the board, not sure how, but cannot imagine what else it might be. I have seen reference to people using up to 15v, saying that 12v was not enough for them to run the mount, but the burning/sizzling sound that first time suggests it was something I did. My own thoughts (based on total ignorance): 1. the nature of the transformer - it reads 12.2v with voltmeter, but perhaps that type of transformer will damage the mount? 2. polarity - perhaps this was the problem, but if so, it damaged the mount, reversing polarity now has no effect, handset fine, no response from motors 3. weight down - motors tried to slew but could not overcome weight of signle counterweight not balanced by a scope, something fried? 4 12.2v enough to power handset but not motors.... but I still come back to that first fizzle sound... I think undervoltage is wishful thinking. Any help is greatly appreciated. I know no one will actually call me an idiot, but it is okay to think it, I certainly do. Thanks in advance!
  9. Good luck with sale! I own this lens, it is a clone of the Canon nifty fifty and some consider it superior to the original, myself among them. It is sharper, has less flare, and smoother bokeh.
  10. ForrestR

    EQ6-Pro Synscan Mount

    Congratulations to seller and buyer.
  11. ForrestR

    EQ6-Pro Synscan Mount

    I´m the chap from Spain! Somebody buy this so I can stop fantasizing about this mount. I am a long time lurker who signed up yesterday just to contact Mr. Barkis (and this is my first post). I currently have a good tripod, ioptron skytracker, and my canon 500d. I am very interested in astrophotography and have been reading here and in CN for about a year, and have been persuaded by uncountable posts that my first order of business is a GOOD mount. Well, here it is, at an amazing price. With an ADM Losmandy saddle and a tube extension to boot.... my God, I am going to go look at Ryanair flights... I think I will end up buying the Syntrek from First Light since prices over there in the UK are much better than those here in Spain, and the online second hand market here is pathetic Anyway, buy this, please, and put me out of my misery. Good luck with sale!!!

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