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  1. So I guess the first pic would be the Triangulum in M42?
  2. Second pic looks like horsehead...?
  3. The above setup is probably not going to be common or interesting to a lot of people, but here's my experience... It doesn't work. I reached out to the makers of SkySafari and they had some helpful information, with a solution that on the face of it should work how I want it to. Bill Tschumy, Mar 16, 13:36: Andrew, Yes, you would let StarSense do the alignment and then connect with SkySafari. Yes, with SkyQ Link you cannot simultaneously use the StarSense hand controller for alignment. The two interfaces will end up fighting each other. This works with SkyWire because you are connecting throug
  4. I'm planning to add the SkyQ wifi to my set up, currently a CPC 800 HD, aligned with a StarSense. The plan is then to control with SkySafari 4 Pro on iPad. Everything I've read seems to suggest it should work. Any thoughts on compatibility?
  5. Yes I thought so. I took it out yesterday eve. With 0.8 I was having success (although focusing is tricky after removing the eyepiece, what do people use for that?). However, the same problem remained with 0.11 version, solid grey screen, no "real" picture coming through. Still, I had a lot of fun with 0.8, and had a go imaging the Orion nebula. The stars were a bit blobby, as if I was not quite nailing focus, but I really couldnt get them any smaller, even with the smallest tweaks to the focus knob, so perhaps bad seeing on Saturday eve?
  6. I'm having a little more success with the 0.8 version, rather than 0.11. The image is still too bright, even with ND moon filter in the the path, but at least when i move the camera around i can see light and dark areas moving. So hopefully this eve, under a clear night sky I should have some luck.
  7. Very excited to receive my lodestar this morning for use with Lodestar Live. I'm right now trying to test it during the day before use tonight, but only get a grey picture when its running. I've tried several different exposure lengths and fiddled with the black and white level. Where am i going wrong? What setting should I be using to test it during the day? Andrew
  8. Yes, thanks for the advice all. I've gone for heated
  9. Has anyone used the software on one of those Microsoft Surface tablet things, running 8.1. I currently have a macbook pro (retina), so initially when my lodestar arrives I will use that, but I'm wondering about buying a cheap Surface and bunging that in the car boot instead for when I head out with the telescope. It seems like a more convenient solution. I assume the Surface would run other astro software without issue? (i'm thinking PHD and Nebulosity in the near future).
  10. Hello, So I'm looking at buying a few things very soon, amongst which is a dew shield for my CPC Edge 800. But should I go heated or not? Thanks in advance for your experience and advice. Andrew
  11. This is all I've been able to find on the web... http://www.optecinc.com/astronomy/catalog/17403.htm
  12. arkosg: It looks like you have the same setup as me, albeit with a f3.3 reducer. How much of a difference to the field of view will this make compared to the .7x edge reducer. And where can one pick the f3.3 up these days, i see FLO doesn't carry it.
  13. At least for now I'll be bolting it onto the back of my CPC Edge 800, with .7x reducer, so given that I'm more likely to be pointing at faint galaxies than the larger nebula (given the field of view) I think you've swayed me towards the mono. Thanks Martin.
  14. The only point of contention is that above f15p5 says that the mono is the better guider... is the colour going to let me down as an autoguide in future?
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