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  1. Sky-J

    Hello from Sussex

    Hi there, welcome to the SGL!
  2. Sky-J


    Welcome to SGL, its a very friendly forum and a great source of knowledge for your journey back to the dark side skies.
  3. Thanks Helen, I'm really looking forward to putting to some good use!
  4. Yes indeed! It was in fact a nest of 3 identical boxes Russian doll style (great packaging). I was relieved when the boxes stopped at the third box to reveal my new FC100-DC. I'll post a pic of my new rig in the scopes section, when it's complete.
  5. A new scope! Thank you DPD & of course @FLO
  6. I've sent my deposit over and had my booking confirmed for all 3 nights. Really looking forward to it and meeting you guys too. Got to check the tent's up to the job now...
  7. I love the look of these scopes, simple, classy, enough said. The red reminds me of a certain red dot on my camera, which will shortly, to fund one of these, have one less lens to attach to it!
  8. Welcome to the lounge Peter, there’s a lot of good people to learn from here. I’d second Aramchecks’ point about picking up a good pair of binoculars as they’re a great way to learn the night sky. Slightly off topic but the book that got me back into astronomy and one I recommend to everyone is: Binocular Highlights - 99 Celestial Sights for Binocular Users by Gary Seronik. Now in its second edition. It’ll introduce you to some great targets for photography and help you learn to navigate our skies.
  9. Hi everyone, happened across this thread yesterday and it looks brilliant. Haven’t been to a star party yet and this looks like the perfect one start with. So count me in and I’ll drop them an email to book. Will be great to meet you all. I might have a couple of questions for you seasoned pros before packing if that’s OK. Jeremy
  10. Great set up, hopefully you’ll get some amazing skies in Tenerife!
  11. That's a really nice shot, I look forward to seeing more!
  12. Hi Neiman, I got my first sighting of Saturn for years the other day, always amazing! Hope you've got some more views since. One great book I always recommend for finding your way around the night sky via some really cool targets is: Binocular Highlights: 99 Celestial Sights for Binocular Users by Gary Seronik. Now in its second edition, it's got some great objects to find with clear diagrams and interesting descriptions, it really helped me when starting to learn the sky and I still always have this book to hand. I realised it's aimed at Binocular Users but most things that look for in binoculars also look great through a small scope. Clear skies J
  13. Hi there, I have a zs 66 SD and would consider parting with it for the right bid. Jeremy
  14. Hi there, I have a pair of these and they are fantastic binoculars. The views are really crisp, right to the edge. I've never noticed any CA and, as a photographer, I'm hyper critical about that. The only thing that stops me using them all the time is that I have a narrow IPD which makes them uncomfortable to use for any decent period. Every now and again I think about selling them, however when I use them for astronomy I think why would I sell these? Maybe it's time to let someone else have a go...I'll have a think over the weekend and let you know if I decide to list them. Clear skies for the weekend! Jeremy
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