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  1. I have to print and test the new dust cup that fits new, bigger eyecups and I'll publish the stl files next week.
  2. Hi, Yesterday I've received very nice pair of second hand TS Marine 15x70 binoculars. I don't like eyecups of any binocular I have so I had to make new ones as provided ones are not really comfortable and I can't see whole FOV using them without pushing hard against eyecups. Anyway I've tried to use them and test the binos in daylight. One thing that I've found annoying was the level of CA visible when eyes are not centered with the eyepieces. Slight change can make CA almost invisible or really distracting. I could be quite disappointed comparing it to Celestron Skymaster Pro p
  3. I have SkyMaster Pro 15x70 and first thing I've done after purchasing them I've replaced the eyecups with 3d printed ones. The binos are very sensitive to eye placement and if eyes are not centered then you will see a lot of CA. Celestron provides winged eyecups but they are loose, not really comfortable and don't help with eye positioning. With proper eyecups CA is minimal, I can hardly see any CA on branches and very small amount of CA on Moon. I quite like the SkyMaster Pro 15x70. Image is bright, contrast is nice. The only problem is that brighter starts aren't as pinpoint
  4. Thanks. I've been reading some threads and I'm afraid it bit to expensive for me. If it would be below 1K Euro I would think about this.
  5. Looks amazing. Is it possible to buy such equipment in Europe? What do one needs to buy to get 1x monocular for night sky observing?
  6. If you compare the plot with faster, more expensive 102 FPL53 f/7 doublet from Kasai which seems to be the same as TS or Stellarvue Access FPL53/Lanthanum doublets it shows similar color correction to this one.
  7. Hi, I've just released latest version 2.4 of the Moon Atlas 3D Changes: refined interface added new map based on NASA Lunar Chart (LPC-1) more detailed photo map fixed errors when displaying national characters in craters names
  8. I saw them on friends S3 mini. Looks like some issue between render engine and phone GPU. I wonder if it's only on Samsung devices?
  9. Hi, Moon Atlas 3D is now available on Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.grzyboo.MoonAtlas3D It's free of course
  10. OK, next week I'll add support for zoom in/out and option to pan/rotate the Moon.
  11. If your TV has touch screen then it should work fine But I have some keys defined for debugging purposes: If you have keyboard there you can press: - "L" to enable Lunar 100, - "C" for craters - "N" for maria - "A" for lunar landing sites But you won't be able to zoom and navigate yet. Please let me know if keyboard is working for you. Then I could add support for zooming and navigation.
  12. v. 1.6. big changes in Moon and description display qualityadded Telescope mode to pan view instead of rotating the Moon
  13. v. 1.5. added lunar landing sites list (clickable)
  14. v. 1.4. double touch on labels from Lunar 100 list will open web browser with wiki descriptionadded zoom buttons
  15. OK, I've added zoom buttons. Now it should work fine.
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