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  1. Hi, lately I seem to be getting what seem to be very small star trails when imaging with a Canon 40D on a Skywatcher Explorer 200. Have a look at the attachments, they're 120 secs, 102, and 90, all at ISO 800. My EQ5 has a motor drive with Right Ascension, polar alignment is spot on, the images have a 10 second delay between each exposure plus a 10 second delay after shutter opening for mirror lockup. After taking these shots I changed the camera for a 7mm eyepiece and centred on Vega. After watching half of Bake off, went back and Vega was still centred. I'm absolutely baffled as the longer the exposure the longer the trailing but not really too long and the central object doesn't seem to be affected. Any comments will be gratefully received. Kind regards. P.
  2. Many thanks, I'll drop him a line. P,
  3. Hi, just wondering if anybody uses the Apt programme that came with Sky at night magazine some time ago. I can't seem to get the mirror lock up to work with a fairly typical 20x2 minute exposure plan or any sort of plan come to that. Does anybody know how it works. I've got it "enabled" on the camera, (canon 40D), and the actual exposures work just fine. Maybe mirror lockup isn't so important with exposures of 2 minutes or more. Any help or advise is more than welcome. Many thanks. P
  4. Thanks again guys, also, with so much condensation around lately, viewing is just starting to deteriorate. P.
  5. Thanks guys, Have to be really careful................................ P.
  6. Hi, Just getting into astrophotography and when I took the camera off the focus tube of the telescope (skywatcher 200) last night, I noticed that the secondary mirror was very dirty. I used a tissue as I thought that it may have been dew. It came up ok but my worry is that it may have a delicate coating or that it may even move out of alignment. Just interested if anyone else has had this problem and how they dealt with it. Also, more importantly, if the primary mirror gets dirty, (dew and dust etc.),how on earth is that supposed to be cleaned. Any help is welcome. P.
  7. Thanks guys, I'll be hopefully using a canon 40D with a skywatcher 200 on an EQ5 mount. Any and all suggestions will be gratefully received.
  8. Hi, being a complete beginner to imaging, I have a very basic question. I read somewhere that the only stupid question is the one that's never asked so here goes. When a camera is attached to a telescope both the camera lens and the telescope eyepiece are removed, so where does any magnification come from, or is it only in the image enlargement. (Bet all beginners think about this but are too embarrassed to ask).
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