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  1. Ahhh. Thanks John.I had no idea. What a shame it closed.I have done many a deal in there and never a problem but I guess things had changed. Good to see it will be making some sort of a comeback in the future. Many thanks for the heads up. Cheers. Daz.
  2. OK....Been away for a while...What has happened to the Buy and sell section? Why has it gone?:icon_confused: Curious Daz.
  3. Cheers Merlin....thanks for the reply Daz
  4. Hi guys . i have a used once only Atik16ic mono cam. if I were to sell it what would it be worth? Cheers Daz
  5. Wow mate, Do you have your own orbiter? Excellent shot!
  6. Ah!!! Thanks guys. Great advise . Think i will be leaving it alone:) Thanks again. Daz.
  7. Hi all, Bit of an odd question but i have a 60mm x 900mm refractor that i plan to use for guiding and was wondering if i can lob a few inches of the length? It is currently mounted on top of a C8 via rings but is seriously long compared to the C8. In effect if i cut it shorter will i be making it a shorter focal length? Cheers. Daz.
  8. Great idea Martin regarding unlocking-then centering-then syncing.
  9. Hi all, Its been a very long time since i last took any pics. Here is Copernicus crater taken with an old LPI through a fair bit of cloud a few nights ago, A bit over processed to compensate for naff focus.The other one is the Mare Ibrium area showing Plato crater and the Teneriffe mountains. Not the best but thought i would post anyway. Hope you like em. Cheers. Daz
  10. Hi all, Just stumbled across these imaging filters on the opticstar website(shop in Manchester) http://www.opticstar.com/Run/Astronomy/Astro-Accessories-Imagers-Opticstar.asp?p=0_10_5_0_3_125 They seem very very cheap - Has any body had any experience of them before? Cheers in advance. Daz1969
  11. Just a thought mate but did you alter the slew speed in EQmod? Its default is set to 1 which is very slow-if you up it to 4 it will slew much faster. Hope this helps daz
  12. Hey Si ,Thats a cracker mate.you should be chuffed:) Still to christen my setup, Good luck mate and keep em coming Daz.
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