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  1. Thanks Olly, wish I lived in SE France...
  2. Venturing into imaging nebulae and here's the paradox. Taking images of the horsehead nebula with an Zwo asi 1600. What gain setting would be used? Alnitak is so bright it drowns out the finer detail of the nebula so should I reduce the gain, but then there's no info on the nebula. How does anyone get round this or have I missed something? I'll be getting PixInsight for processing. Hope you can help, P.
  3. Been faffing about with the asi 1600 for about 6 months now and, yes, the files are huge. Not sure about usb2 and 3 being much the same: what I have found though is connecting with firecapture, APT or sharpcap. It's taken quite some time but I think that once the program does find the camera, it may loose it's way now and again but generally links up quite well. Gotta stick at it. Also, you could get a Seagate expansion box. I have, and dump everything into it, freeing up as much space as poss on the laptop. Phil
  4. Just a quick one. Do filters really knock focus out that much, and if they do, which, if any, are the worst culprits? It does seem such a faff having to refocus everytime a filter is changed. P.
  5. Hi, I have a Zwo filter wheel with RGB filters in situ. I'd like to add a Ha filter, Baader 7nm 1.25 being my filter of choice. Looking at images of the filter, it looks like it might be a little 'thick' for the filter wheel. Does anyone have this setup and if so, have any problems been encountered? Hope you can help, Kind regards, P.
  6. Thanks ronin, yes, of course. Could using the Ha instead of luminance with rgb work or would thing be better using one as well as luminance and rgb. It would be mainly for nebulae. These are basic beginners questions but we've all got to start somewhere. p
  7. Without doing a lot of experiments, would it be possible to have a Ha filter fitted permanently, and, at the same time, use a filter wheel for red, green and blue filters? And if so, what would be the down side? I'll be using a Zwo 1600 cool. Regards, P.
  8. Wouldn't it be great if someone could work out a program that gave the optimum settings for various tasks that then changed by entering different cameras/scopes etc.. P.
  9. Not only do I like this I actually laughed out load, so much so that my wife asked, "what are you laughing at?" .
  10. Absolutely brilliant, puts mine to total shame. In my defence, I'm not too sure, (don't laugh), what I'm actually doing. Going to get Pixinsight shortly and follow the tutorials and all the advice that I can find. orion nebula.tiff
  11. They're lovely images Gina. If you have the gain at 600 how on earth do you reveal the image? Not really after your secrets!!! P.
  12. Whoops, sorry. It should have been 120 x 30secs + 60 x 30 r.g+b. Haven't managed to fathom out how to combine all four images yet. All suggestions gratefully received. I have Startools, paintshop pro, SharpCap, registax and gimp. P.
  13. Well, after a lot of faffing about here's the first stacked image with the 1600, nothing else done to it. Only luminance and darks, 120+60, gain at 120. Had to do it with SharpCap, APT seemed to be very blurry, no idea why. I must admit I'm pretty impressed with the sensitivity and I'm sure there's a lot more info to be brought out. Changing from dslr to this is pretty challenging even if it's only changing from tried and tested ways of doing things to using something relatively expensive that has no iso settings and presents you with 'gain' and 'offset', even had a message saying 'Object reference not able to stack because object reference not set to an instance of an object', whaaat!! Anyway, getting there slowly. P. orion for sgl.TIF
  14. Yeh, found the folder on the c drive, it saves as fit files. Would that pose any problems with DSS, (always used RAW up until now)? Feel like a numpty!!!! In my defence m'lud, having used a dslr for a few years, changing the camera changes the way things work. Can be difficult plodding through the maze of permutations. Sorry about the delay, lost the internet for about 4 hrs. Regards, P.
  15. Thanks SkyBound, Doh, folder, not document, it's the dementia kicking in... P.
  16. When using APT with this camera, can you tell me which format you collect images in, Raw, fits, tiff etc.? I use DSS for stacking. It seems that the only place to store them is on the c drive, has anyone found a way to get them into a document? This whole thread is just so interesting and many thanks to all those who contribute. Regards, P.
  17. Just starting with a new CCD, Zwo asi 1600 cool. I've heard that with these new generation cameras, lots of short exposures are, nowadays, just as good as a few long exposures. What's the general opinion of this by the good folk on here and how much more detail would, say, a 300sec exposure have compared to the same time with a dslr? Also, if I use RGB filters, would I need to change the gain from what I would be using for luminance? Kind regards, P.
  18. Well, 1st imaging session with the ZWO. Rather rough but, hey, only 18x30 secs. The point is, I really didn't have a clue what I was doing, (yeh, and it shows lol). It just goes to show how sensitive the chip really is. P.
  19. This will be very interesting John. I also have just got a ZWO asi 1600 and tried it with APT last night, without much success. I was doing 90 sec exposures which, I guess, is probably too long. Apparently, the camera is going to be a total game changer. It's getting the blasted thing to work properly that could be a problem!!! If I get any results I'll let you know. Regards, P.
  20. Hi, I've heard that a barlow lens can be used in imaging but can raise focussing problems. Has anybody tried a Celestron X-Cel LX 3x Barlow Lens, for planetary imaging on a skywatcher 200p using a ZWO asi1600m? I'm thinking of getting one for birthday!!! Kind regards, P.
  21. Sorted, and I'm really impressed. Focus is the other end of the focus range to that of a dslr and it is soooo sharp. When focussing, I couldn't zoom in APT but actually, the image in live view was that sharp it didn't need zooming. Can you believe, it then started to rain!!! Next time out I'll give it a go with SharpCap. Pip
  22. I don't want to tempt fate but things seem fine. All systems working, just need to take it outside and try to focus on something. However... It won't connect through the usb3 port, strange, have to use usb2. It doesn't come up on the APT list. I do a shift/connect but I only get ascom, qsi & sbig. Tried ascom and got camera v2 simulator, cmos qhy511 & simulator. But then, I am only using the demo version of APT. I guess sharpcap will do the job but if anyone can help... Gina, you use APT and/or sharpcap. What are the benefits do you find of one over the other? Demonperformer, I will have to go looking for the restore partition. Unfortunately, this would still leave it (i) with an internet connection, and (ii) [even if I deleted the wifi drivers] wanting to waste resources looking for an internet connection. If I could find an operating system that had no internet capability [and knew it had no internet capability], I would swap to it in a heartbeat. Have a look at "Eagle Observatory". It's expensive and new but, quite possibly, the next stage in A.P. Pip
  23. Gina, you're an absolute gem!! My biggest problem is finding where thing are and I certainly wouldn't have found where that was through trial and error. A couple of good nights coming up hopefully. Thanks again, Pip
  24. Just read through ALL of this thread as I got the camera, electronic filter wheel and filters yesterday. Camera is sorted through SharpCap but the filter wheel, hmm, I've no idea where or how to control it. Please help!!! Many thanks to all who have put what settings they're using, they'll be a great help. Kind regards, Pip
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