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  1. Bump. Thought I had found one but the person cancelled the sale
  2. If you are splitting then I would be interested in your Pi4, dew heaters and possibly eqmod cable
  3. As title says, I am looking for a decent refractor, either including a focal reducer or not. Budget around £500. Would consider part of an imaging rig if anyone is selling up.
  4. Hello, I am contemplating changing up my guidescope on my C8, I have an ST80 which has sat idle for years. I am after the ADM dovetail bar and rings, FLO do a kit but not paying that.
  5. I only asked if it was a cpc 925 as someone might think 2.5k for a 9.25sct is a bit steep. Might want to correct the title.
  6. Yes sorry, I didn't realise until today that there was a non cooled version.
  7. Time for an upgrade so I must let my trusty mount go. All working perfectly, has a few marks but nothing that affects use. Tracks perfectly when polar aligned and the goto is accurate using the nexstar alignment, I have managed using my C8 to capture good images at 3 minutes unguided, never tried guided. Please note this is just the mount, does not include OTA or Polemaster but I will include the polar scope and all original cables. Collection is preferred but you are free to arrange your own courier as it is packed in its original box with packaging. I can provide dimensions an
  8. As title says. Moving away from DSLR to dedicated camera, the 183mc is preferred as its colour, would consider alternatives but not mono. They were selling with postage included on here last year for 500 so that is my budget, please no silly prices because of Covid!
  9. Hello all, I have posted in a few places but looking for a second mount as moving into AP. Would prefer a NEQ6 / EQ6-R / AZ-EQ6 as need to ensure it will take payload. I would, depending on price consider a HEQ5 but some of the prices for second hand are ridiculous. If anyone is selling up then I would be interested in what else you have as I am looking also for a refractor so get in touch.
  10. Hello again, Just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful advice I was given, I did give it a go last night but just couldn't focus to anything so decided this morning to follow the suggestion of attaching the cam to a 80mm refractor that I have. I have managed to capture (after some time focussing) the tree in my back garden. Do people find that there is a large amount of travel in focus between eyepieces and the cam?
  11. Hello, thank you for your replies. I think I will just give it a try tonight and see what happens.
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