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  1. Lovely image one of my favorite objects.
  2. Thanks Rico. I think the palette works. This is part of the bi-colour process I did not realise was so flexible. It became apparent early on that does need some testing before committing to a blend or else alot of work can be wasted. My first attempt at this was not very satisfactory.
  3. Very nice detail. I can clearly see the leaping cat.
  4. My first bi-colour narrowband image with my new OIII Chroma filter. Managed to add 4 hours of OIII to the existing 7 hours of Ha. As always I wanted more OIII data but I think I am done with the Heart Nebula for the moment. Having just processed Ha images for the last half of the year it took alot of extra time and effort to get back into processing colour images, just trying to keep that colour noise under control was a battle! I decided to go with a moody copper colour palette as I have imaged in LRGB previously and fancied a complete change of direction. Scope: William Optics Star 71 Mount: Celestron AVX Camera: Moravian G2-8300 – Mono Filters: Chroma 3nm 18x1500s Ha exposures (7.5 hours) @ -25c 9x1500s OIII exposures (3.75 hours) @ -25c Flats & BIAS Total: 11 hours Processed in PixInsight and PS.
  5. I managed to just get some for the Brighton Centre. The Ticket Master website does not make it very clear as to where the seats were, somewhere near the back but at least I got some. Have a feeling these will be sold out within the next few days / week!
  6. Thanks. Look like most are already sold!
  7. How did you purchase the tickets are they for 2019? I went to the site http://www.briancoxlive.co.uk/ to register and it said that the registration was now closed. There is a link to a Ticket Master site which relates to tickets in May 2017? I see that the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle go on sale tomorrow, but I am looking for either Wembley or Brighton? Thanks
  8. Ha looks nice. Certainly more subs will help reduce any noise. I know from expereince going from 9 lights to 18 lights made a big improvement on this noise levels. One of the downsides I guess with taking longer subs is that there are less frames during the imaging session. Will be heading down the Bicolour route soon so will likely come across this issue as well.
  9. Hi and welcome. I live down the road from you in Redhill. The Light Pollution is pretty bad isn't it? What with Gatwick, London and the surrounding towns its little wonder that there is anything visible. I started on visual and progressed to AstroPhotgraphy. Take some heart that AP is possible in the area and a number of other SGL members in the area manage to get some very decent results. Further ahead in your AP journey will be Narrowband which cuts through alot of the Light Pollution. Just be prepared to have your bank account emptied... There is another Astronomy club nearby in Horsham which maybe of interest: http://www.horshamastronomy.co.uk/ Good luck!
  10. Do you have the Ha copy of the image, it would be nice to see this? I only have experience of combining LRGB images so cannot offer any valid points on the Ha & LRGB process. My thoughts are that the stars are a little too saturated, I would also expect to see more detail on a 14 hour image. Having looked at your AstroBin site I see you are getting very nice results with Ha only and other combined Ha & LRGB but I think this image may still have more to offer?
  11. I tried it and found calibration difficult. Despite all efforts I could not get any consistent guiding, probably me rather than the application Went back to PHD. Sorry not much help!
  12. I agree this is a stunning image, the colours suit the target very well. I am about to get a OIII 3nm filter to start bi-Colour imaging so this is interesting colour palette.
  13. Here is my second submission to the competition. After previously trying to image the Heart Nebula in Broadband it was great to get a chance to have a go in Narrowband. Image details are: Scope: William Optics Star 71 Mount: Celestron AVX Camera: Moravian G2-8300 – Mono Filter: Chroma Ha 3nm 18x1500s exposures (7.5 hours) at -25c 30x Flats & BIAS (SuperBIAS) Imaged over August and October 2017 Processed in PixInsight & Photoshop Thanks for looking.
  14. Glad to hear you got it solved. Is my video showing the exact same issue you were having? My flowerpot adapter shows heavy scoring inside but not sure if that is just because yours is newer? It is odd that from new yours is doing this, clearly a design flaw and not great for a new mount. Maybe worth keeping and eye on as understandably the issue plays havok with your tracking.
  15. This sounds very much like the issue I have / had. When I first got the mount the issue was not present but then one evening it started occuring for no apparent reason. If I rotate the DEC head the counterweight bar / weight would not rotate at the same rate meaning they would be left off centre. I have included the video below that I sent to Celestron to demonstrate the issue, is this what you are experiencing? After many different ideas with the vendor it went back to Celestron. They could not see the problem and low and behold when I got it back the issue was still there... Tried different counterweight shafts and different 'Black Collars' (AKA Flowerpots). I can see a scoring inside the flowerpot so it seems to be rubbing on this. The only way I solved this was to remove the collar (flowerpot) as my mount is well out of warranty, its not needed and is simply there for cosmetic reasons. Not something you want to hear on a brand new mount I suspect? I would suggest arranging a replacment if it is brand new as I have never found a solution to this... AVX_DEC_FAULT.mov
  16. Lovely image. If you are interested the Astro Imaging Channel most recent session was on this very target. I watched it last night, you may find some useful tips.
  17. Nice dramatic shots of the 1st stage coming back down, sparks and flame everywhere. Watching the speedo both acceleration and deceleration is fairly eyewatering, not sure I would want to be onboard! This landing business is becoming routine...
  18. Also watched S@N last night. Enjoyed it too. I think going to the Moon is a sensible step towards planning a future Mars mission. As mentioned in the show it is much closer to Earth and we have been there before so have some previous experience. My only gripe is that there always seems to be an imminent launch which never seems to happen. Is it the Google X prize that keeps getting delayed? Appreciate that this is still a hugely challenging task on relatively small budgets but I want to see some landers!
  19. I purchased a WO Star 71 (Version1) a while back which was and still is my only refractor. The 5 element APO design, requiring no field flatener means I have not had any issues with chromatic colour aberation and have pin sharp stars to the corners. Not suggesting that cheaper models cannot do this but when I went to purchase a refractor I was willing to accept paying extra to not have to deal with these possible issues. Overall its very made and has been a pleasure to use.
  20. Thanks for that will have a look at ebay.
  21. Thanks for the tips. I have a modded Canon 1100d with a Samyang 16mm F2.0. Where did you get the dew heater from? I have one for my 50mm Guidescope so potentially could use this but need a means of powering it..
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