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  1. I may have Takitis but it is not yet in the terminal stage
  2. I just ordered my DZ today . I think I start to have Takitis… First a Mewlon 250 CRS , now this. Will it ever end?
  3. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I find them very comfortable to use but I do not wear glasses...
  4. I did. The TOE was superior: whiter image, better contrast and very sharp ! As good as the XO 5
  5. Hello, I have a brand new 6 mm Radian with box and covers for sale from the estate of a deceased fellow astronomer. Price: 125 euro + shipping from Belgium. Payment by PayPal possible if you absorb the fees. You can also send me the money on my bank account which is cheaper for you. You can check my 5* Astromart ratings Best regards, Roger
  6. Congrats with the mount. You will love it! And Lucas Mesu is just a great guy to deal with.
  7. I am still waiting for clear weather but as soon as I have the chance to test it,I will post a review/my findings at this site.
  8. Hi Olly, I got my Mesu 2 mount last week with a Mesu pier especially made for mounting my Orion Optics 350 SPX. Mesu also provided an adapter for my (higher) Losmandy tripod so I can use this one for mounting my C14. I mounted everything and indeed this mounting is sturdy . However, since I got it,the bad weather curse struck. So am am desperately waiting for clear skies to give it its first light. Roger
  9. You can also use weights from the EQ 6. They will fit the CGEM and are far cheaper
  10. Wait until you see a C14. That's huge !!!! Nice combo: C11 and CGEM. However do order two counterweights. Normal delivery is one. Good luck, Roger
  11. Kris, I received my CGEM last week and I must say I am quite impressed:a solid mount with a nice finish. The GOTO's are dead on and when I compare it with my CGE and G11 mount it's quite good value for the money. It can take my C11 without problems. There were some problems with bad handcontrollers but this problem has been solved. Power problems have been reported but were mostly due to a bad connection ( now solved with a secure screw connection) or insufficient battery power. As an added plus for me I can also use the controller and GPS unit from my CGE with it. Best regards, Roger
  12. A little scratch makes no difference, exept for the resale value Best regards, Roger
  13. Hi, I am sure for visual use and planetary imaging the mount will be OK. Martin Mobberly has the same combination ( see his website and review on Cloudy Nights) For Deep Sky imaging you should go to a heavier mount. I am waiting for my 350 SPX which will be mounted on a G11. Enjoy, Roger
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