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  1. Thanks Craig. Can you explain what the differences between the CG-5 and HEQ5 are? And what about the differences between the HEQ5 and EQ5? Tuberings and dovetail bar? I have so much to learn
  2. Hi, I have had a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p Dobs for a couple of years and am thinking about whether upgrading the mount is worthwhile. On another thread I asked about imaging and the HEQ5 came up. I can't/don't want to spend £800 so are there any cheaper mounts that would improve my enjoyment? I've only observed visually so far, but trying photography is always in the back of my mind and have decided to get a webcam to try some planetary pictures. For example, what would a Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe mount allow me to do? At around £260 it is within my budget and I notice you can buy m
  3. Really good advice. Thanks everyone. I'm going to give it a go.
  4. Won't I be able to see the images on the laptop? Too dim?
  5. I would love a better mount, but £800 is way more than I can justify. I appreciate the advice though. I've read the pdf which looks useful and similar to other guides I have read. I would hope I could manage improved image quality compared with a modified pc webcam. I was thinking of going down that route but needed to come up with xmas ideas and the ZWO looked about the right price.
  6. Thanks Knobby, I was going to ask santa, so not really an option to try one first. As far as tracking, I was hoping to get away with exposures of a few seconds (planets) or record a video and use the frames for stacking in the case of dimmer objects. Tim
  7. Hi, I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p Dobs which I've had for a couple of years. I'd like to start some astro photography and am thinking about asking santa for a ZWO ASI120MC. So first question, will it just 'work' out of the box by using it instead of an eyepiece? Second question, is it worthwhile? I know I'm limited by the lack of a tracking mount but I'd like to get some decent images of the planets and possibly some of the brighter dsos that I can see with the eyepieces. I'm imaging I can use several second exposures for planets and possibly some limited stacking for the d
  8. I moved down to Devon a couple of years ago and I love the area. If a half hour drive is OK I'd suggest a trip to Dartmoor. Loads of dark places. Tim
  9. FWIW I contacted the council about my streetlamp, told them it shone on my son's bedroom window (true) keeping him awake at night (not true). They came round a week later and taped up half of the lamp (as the lamp is midway between properties). This made a small but worthwhile difference. I'm not sure if the guys doing the taping realised that plenty of light from the untaped half shines into my garden but I didn't have chance to ask. Worth making that phone call.
  10. I have a 200p and it took me about 4 hours over several nights to find it although I am a beginner. It's clearly not a star but for me in my garden (with a streetlight on the corner) it's pretty faint, just a smokey grey ring. I'd suggest using the 25mm eyepiece to locate it before switching to the 10mm (assuming you only have the standard eps). I found I needed to use averted vision most nights although it showed up much more clearly when I was moving the scope around compared with when it was still. Now I know what I'm looking for I can find it in a minute or so. Tricky objects just add to t
  11. Thanks for that. I have tried already to do this but ended up with a 80x magnification (in the ocular view) so something was wrong. I'll watch the video and try again.
  12. Thanks, I've looked at that before but got stuck with the "select a camera", I was hoping to see my eyepieces listed.
  13. Something I'm starting to realise is a key to my finding my way around the sky is correlating what I see with Stellarium / Skeye and my telescope. So can anyone tell me what the field of view is with the 2 standard eyepieces (25mm & 10mm) and the finder scope supplied with my Skywatcher 200P? thanks everyone Tim.
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