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  1. Heading to the foot of Snowdon for a week on Monday. Hoping for some serious clear skies!

    1. northwalesparry


      yes you should find some I live near there. Please take care if going up Snowdon stay on paths and check weather it maybe nice at the bottom but at the top quite dangerous.

  2. I'd deffinetly look to go smaller. I like to travel around alot my home sky is often poor at times with the amount of cities that surround me, I'm right between Chester & Liverpool with the addition of my local town. I did solve the issue with the waterbutt stand (thanks!) however we recently got Chickens and they've turned the Garden into a mud field because they blumming love digging - again not ideal but you can't blame them! I'll have a good search and mull over all your suggestions. I think if I get the camera and a mount and stick with the dob for now that'll be a good starting point? I know it's tough work with the trails it can produce? But for planets and such it should be swell? I'm looking at the Canon 1100D anyone thinking yay or nay for that? Thanks
  3. Hey all, Hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year. Just a quick post really, I got a Skywatcher 200p Dob last Summer and it's quite the dream but it's unvailed some negatives along the way... It kills my back, it's heavy and bulky and It's impossible to transport unless you have a real big car and a giant trolly... It also dosn't seem to be the one for imaging and that is something I'd love to get started on this year. So; Does anyone have any alternatives to this scope that I may want to look to swap out my dob for? Also what is a good camera to get going with? DSLR seems to be a wise choice, but it's a mine field out there! My budget for is between £200-300 for the camera and depending on what I can get for my dob around the same for the scope. If anyone can offer some wisdom that would be brilliant. Thanks all!
  4. Quick update for you guys; I set up the finder scope from scratch when I got home today, just been out to test it on a couple of stars and it's much better. Hopfully this solves the issue altogether! Will keep you updated. Cheers, James
  5. Good evening all! Hope you all have a good clear sky this evening! Heading out shortly myself! Just a quick thread really, checking this months calander we have the best viewing of the Milky Way this Friday acording to Sky at Night mag - with no lunar interfearence, a good chance for a viewing. I, shamefully have never had the honor of viewing the Milky Way as sadly many many people haven't these days. So I want to change that, prefrably on Friday. So I figured some people may have some hints, tips and locations that will help anyone that fancies their chances, heading out in Friday. I'm near Chester/Wirral/Liverpool and I'm considering traveling to Suprise View via train for the evening. But I'd love to find somewhere a little more local to hit. Unfortunatly I don't drive which is always restricting esepcially with my 200p dob, but I'm keen to see this with the naked eye - for now. Any ideas? All welcome
  6. Thank you both for taking the time to advise and help me out! I really appeciate it. For starters I have just re-aligned and perfected (hopfully) the finder scope. When I get hold of some cash I will be looking to obtain a Cheshire Collimator, some new eyepieces and maybe a Telrad plus some maps and such. I have Stargazing for dummys as well as Left Turn at Orion (Thanks to a top chap off the lounge). I am still pretty new to the game, I had a 4" mini dob for a year and then only recently picked up the 200p. Tonight is clear once more by the looks of things (we're getting spoilt!) so I will hopfully see if this adjustment has worked. Fingers crossed. Thanks again
  7. Hello all, Hope you are all having these awesome clear skies over the last few nights! I've had the scope out after nearly two months (constant cloud plus busy times) Three nights, despite my best efforts over three clear nights I'v had very little luck... I've previous had nights spotting many a deep sky object; ring neb, double cluster, Behive, M5, M53, Wild Duck, Eagle Neb etc. But three nights and nothing, I'm using starmap pro on my phone but I just don't know what's going wrong? I am seeing blankets of visable stars and some clusters but that's the best of it. Just wondered if anyone had any ideas? I am yet to collimate the scope... could this be a significant issue? Out of practice - I'm doing everything the same? I am using a Skywatcher 200p dob + 40mm 5mm possls plus the supplied eyepieces + a barlow and sky glow filter. I am also looking for a more 'portable' scope to take out on foot/train... anyone got/recommend the Skywatcher Flextube 130p dob? Cheers all! James
  8. Sweet. Cheers for all the ideas! I have, for now, found a heavy duty round plastic chair that is about the same as a water butt stand. So that's set up now, nice and sturdy in the garden ahead of tonight's session. Fingers crossed it eases the troubles.
  9. Ah yes cyborg! Thanks for that link, I was looking at 'ironing chairs' the other evening but I was concerned about the lack of adjusting, it seems a few of the reviewers have been using it as an observing chair too... genius - you've stumbled onto a good'n there! Cheers for the heads up. I did see some people mention a water butt stand, We actually have a water butt in the garden, so if it's not to full I'll try before I buy if it's the right size! Thanks all, it was starting to become a slight chore with the back pain, hopefully these tips will re-instate the joy once more
  10. Hello all, Hope you are all doing good. A quick question for you this evening... I have a Skywatcher 200p and of late it's really killing the vibe as I am getting intense lower back pain plus neck and shoulder aches. I have looked at observing chairs and they seem to be £100-125 and that's way out of my budget. I've looked at some awesome DIY projects but they are just beyond me. So does anyone have any ideas or tips on comfortable observing with the 200p? Thanks, James
  11. I can't remeber what a clear sky looks like.

    1. emadmoussa


      brace yourself for a week of clear sky starting tomorrow.

  12. Perfect sky to test my new barlow out!

  13. Two nights in a row with the ring nebula. Lovely.

  14. Thanks for all the tips and advice! Very helpful and eye opening indeed. I'm pleased to report I have taken lots on board and made a couple of changes and opened my mine and I am well on my way now! I've now began filling up my logbook which includes M5, Double Cluster, M39 and most recently (Last night and tonight) the ring nebula amognst others! Extremely pleased especially with the ring neb. So thank you to everyone who has nudged me in the right direction so far!
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