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  1. I've done another pass at it and gone for a much more softly softly approach, I feel this is quite abit better and probably the one we're going to get printed out
  2. Hi everyone While on my honeymoon in Scotland a couple of months back my wife suggested I take a picture of the Plough while we were out one night. I took a couple of shots, got back to the hotel room to review on my ipad and found a green glow in the corner. After a little bit of thinking (I was 3 whiskeys in by this point) I realised I had accidentally photographed the northern lights. Going back outside to take a couple more wasn't an option as the weather had changed and the next night was clouded over. This means I only actually had two pictures I could attempt to process. Having never processed much like this before (my previous asto pics have been taken using my scope and a webcam/afocal iphone) I'm a little unsure if I've over-processed it and am now completely doubting if it looks good or not. I've attaached the before and after versions here and I'm looking for any advice or reassurance that Im atleast going in the right direction. Obviously, in an ideal world, I would have realised what I was doing at the time and attempted to get a better framed version or done several exposures to create a composite image. But as it is, this is what I have to work with and really would like to make it look as good as possible as a souvenir from our honeymoon. Im aware there is a lot of noise in the originals as the ISO was set very high and I didn't take any darks (whiskey and love can make you make silly photography choices!) (Please note the unedited version is a screenshot taken from lightroom as Im unaware of a way to put CR2 files in here)
  3. Ooo that looks a good idea, thanks very much!
  4. I’m looking to upgrade the tripod on my mount as the one supplied isn’t very sturdy and the screw in accessory tray has gone past being useful anymore. I’m looking at this from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html but wondering if this will accept the AZ amount I already have as it seems to have a weird fixing (picture attached) Any thoughts / ideas more than welcome
  5. Im just going to sob in the corner with my lowly 130p. No DS for me. Never have I yearned for two letters more
  6. Had a great view for the Eclipse which has now re-ignited the bug!

  7. A trip to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich courtesy of the Mrs for my birthday. Score.

  8. S@N Subscribers - have your magazines arrived yet? Mine hasn't :(

    1. firstscope


      yes august issue came on about the 7th i think

  9. Sorry everyone, I moved and blurred WaveAtSaturn. Can we give it another go?

  10. Mattscar

    Scope Shots

    Just so I can link them into a review post I am writing
  11. Passed my theory test. Again. For the third time. I mean it this time though.

  12. So now I can't even reply to topics from work. Atleast I can still spy on everything though.

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    2. Mattscar


      I don't use IE, I use Chrome. Anytime I try to reply, it throws me back to the forum home page. I can do it fine from home, just not at work.

    3. Ant


      Sorry it's playing up. Might be a java issue? I use chrome on XP, win7, win8, android 4 and iOS6 - and it's fine.

      Hopefully the new update will help. Ant

    4. Mattscar


      I think it may more likely be something to do with works internet policy, because it doesnt struggle with the whole site (for example Im writing this from work). I'll keep perservering and see what happens :)

  13. After my next post I can finally edit! May edit it just because I can :)

  14. Just wrote a whole review of Astro Baby's collimation guide for newbs, then deleted by accident :( To anyone nervous about collimating, do it, its easier than you think!

  15. Turn Left at Orion arrived today. Didn't realise how heafty it is!

    1. crashtestdummy


      brilliant book!!! enjoy

    2. baggywrinkle


      Great book but hefty...

  16. Bagged Saturn for the first time tonight :)

    1. DigitalDev1l


      Saturn Look Fantastic Tonight! So clear!

  17. Going for Saturn for the first time tonight.

  18. Social media blackout for sports entertainment reasons today, so catching up on forum stuffs.

  19. Had to cancel dinner with a S@N presenter because I have a cold :(

  20. Managed to get an hours observing tonight. Better than nothing :)

  21. Want to buy: Clear Sky

  22. Mattscar

    IMG 1638

    From the album: Lunar

    Taken and edited on my iphone
  23. Mattscar


  24. Mattscar

    IMG 1620

    From the album: Lunar

    Taken with my iPhone just to test it out. Webcam modding soon.
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