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  1. Thanks Phil, will give it a go at the next clear sky.
  2. I've never needed to set RA/DEC before and wasn't aware that they could be input? Assumed (incorrectly) that the user defined object would have been set from where it was pointing. Will have a play with this although not sure how much 'comet' time is left other than C/2020 F8 (Swan).
  3. I wouldn't have a clue Peter. But I would've thought ALT/AZ coordinates were pretty straightforward and at least put the scope within say a 30 degree window.
  4. Hi and thanks for your reply. Makes sense re RA/DEC. I did lookup the ALT/AZ coordinates but when I set the scope to them, it was in a completely different part of the sky. The scope was well aligned so nothing to do with that.
  5. Thanks for your response. I did replace the battery. If I do a factory reset, would that wipe out the object database?
  6. Hi, My XT8I controller is driving me nuts as I need to use a torch/phone to illuminate the panel when using. The screen is so dim that I can;t see it other than the buttons on the extreme right. This is not just when it's cold though (I stick a hand warmer on it which helps keep it working). Additionally, after aligning, if I go to select 'Planets', it cones up with the date screen and of course easy to inadvertently change the date. The only way around it is to hit enter a few times to confirm ddmmyy and then search for a database object. This does not happen if I select 'Messier', 'NGC'
  7. Hi, Firstly, I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask. Was out with my Orion XT8i on Weds night and was determined to find C/2017 T2 Panstaars. (and then C/2019 Atlas thereafter). My scope has Orion's push-to system which I've used successfully on several occasions. This time however, I got the RA & DEC from Stellarium for the comet and set the hand controller to RA/DEC mode. If you're not familiar with this, once the setup is aligned, it displays the RA & DEC (supposedly) to wherever it is pointed. But, I found it impossible to get both coordinates (RA & DEC) disp
  8. Thanks for letting me know! I had trouble with editing due to photo's and it got wiped out. It's there now - £300
  9. Celestron Nexstar 127 SLT & accessories incl. skyportal wifi I bought this from another member on ABS back in July (2019) to take with me on my summer narrowboat trip (the Dob is too big for the boat). It never got used! The only time I've used it is when I went to view/buy and we had a very pleasant 1.5 hrs viewing and chatting. I'm not likely to use it as get the dob out at any given opportunity or my big binos. Celestron nexstar 127 SLT Tripod Full computer control Skyportal wifi module diagonal 3 eyepieces (40mm, 25mm, 9mm) 2 x Barlow lens Dewshield Built
  10. APM MS 16 x 70 ED Apo Magnesium Series Binoculars Thinking of going larger so considering selling my 1 year old APM 16x70's. As you're no doubt doubt aware, these are considered the best binos under £1000. They have been used literally a handful of times and as expected, are as new. No offers thank you and would prefer collection (from near Bicester or Uxbridge). If delivery is required, then to be arranged by purchaser at their own risk. £425 firm. Library photo
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