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  1. Reply from Celestron - "When both motors are going it is using 1.5ah" Have got my spare car battery and bought a cigarette lighter socket with croc clips for now ... sorted!
  2. Thanks. Will search on the one I put the link in for.
  3. Yeah, I saw that as well but not a hope in hell's chance of finding out the power requirements for the scope!
  4. Thanks Geoff, The url wouldn't work if inserted as a url (security issue?) so I just pasted. If you copy the url and paste into your browser, it'll work. I was also considering a simple SLA (sealed lead acid), maybe a motorcycle battery but jus wondered if this one would suffice?
  5. Hi, Just wondered if anyone would know if this would power a 127SLT (considering buying used as a 2nd travel scope for my boat) for maybe 2/3 hours? Seems good for the price and of course safer than a life-po battery. http://www.spycameracctv.com/spycamera/12v-dc-rechargeable-li-on-lithium-6800mah-battery-for-security-cameras?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIybGcnqjD4wIVSLTtCh02CQywEAQYASABEgJadvD_BwE Thanks
  6. AFter all of your brilliant advice/opinions, I think a sensible decision for now would be to buy the ES 1.25" extender to use with my Delos 10mm - just £78 from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/barlow-eyepieces/explore-scientific-2x-3x-5x-barlow-focal-extender-125.html A day or three to ponder! ?
  7. Excellent, will do when next out! Bring your 10mm Delos to focus. Now take a ruler and measure how far above its base the focuser tube's top (where the eyepiece's shoulder sits) is racked out. If you're not sure what to measure against, rack the focuser all the way in toward the tube until it stops. Note where the top is located relative to a part of the focuser nearby that doesn't move. You can then subtract that extra distance when measuring the 10mm Delos's focus position from that fixed point. If there is more than 1/2" between the 10mm Delos focus point and the fully racked in point, you've got enough infocus for a 14mm or 17.3mm Delos. I think it must be considerably more than 6mm out, will check next time I get out.
  8. Any comments on how the Delos 6mm compares to the Nagler T6 5mm? There's a T6 is up for grabs on ABS? However, I have this niggle in my head about 12mm ER. I wear specs but not for observing although feel it may change over the course of the next 1/2 years. Edited to add: Or Pentax XW 5mm or perhaps just go for a tele extender now for the Delos 10mm? https://www.telescopehouse.com/explore-scientific-2x-barlow-focal-extender-1-25.html
  9. Yeah, I've been getting the hang of it with my 10mm. Thought I might struggle but took to it comfortably very quickly. 76 deg was typo (now am experienced with those!)
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