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  1. Thanks, Alan. I accept that 6mm and lower is pushing it. I've only been in this for a few months, but have read of a general mag limit for UK skies, mag limits per inch of aperture, min/max exit pupil sizes, massive mags for resolving doubles, etc... There seems to be a balance to be struck and criteria/limits to 'what makes for a good view'. The lunar views in the 6mm were great!!! - the Jovian views through the 6mm on a patchy night otherwise dark skies were some of the best I've had. Going purely on my experiences looking through what I've got, I want to (and I think I can) push the scope a
  2. Or is a 4.5mm Meade 5000 HD-60 a better EP than the 4.5mm TMB Planetary II?
  3. I started back in December with a 3" Aldi dobson, and immediately bought 30mm and 8mm Vixen NPLs. Wow, I thought! Having tried these in my new DIY dob (8.5", f/7.6) I knew I needed a few more EPs. I know I'm meant to be saving up and buying a few good ones, but I didn't - not really. A cheap £15 40mm plossl - in the 3", I can't get rid of the shadow of the focuser in the middle. In the big dob, the eye relief is so large and the eyecup so small that I struggle to look through it. I will try wrapping a small length of camping mat foam or something and zip tie it round the barrel, just to give m
  4. Now you can... ;) http://www.smtools.co.uk/shop-virtual-tour.html
  5. One of the best small sites I've been to! Lovely place, top notch facilities! See you all again, I hope. Matt
  6. Should be there in a few hours - one forecast site I looked at suggests clear skies tonight. Who knows...
  7. Nice to find this thread - just what I was looking for! Ordered a copy at around £7 delivered - still one more at that price on Amazon (April, 2013) should anyone else want one. Also ordered a moon filter to save my eyes! Ta, Matt.
  8. Ordered some - picking up in a few days. Thanks for the tip, and good job on your scopes! FLO, for example, do a similar 1mx0.45m material for £7 a roll, which they call "blacker than the blackest stuff" - I wonder how the Wilco stuff compares. Anything should be an improvement for me, though. I may even cut strips and flock my trusses!
  9. As far as standard monocular sizes go, there's 22x32 for <£7 or 22x36 for nearly twice that. I've ordered a 22x32 - see how that goes. I'll need to tape up the end of the barrel a fair bit to get it to friction fit into the filter, but the extra magnification should be good.
  10. As the sun was setting below the rooftops this evening, I just managed to squeeze in my first solar observing session! According to NASA's SOHO site, I've bagged my first sunspots - 1711, 1713 and 1714. I used a 10x40 monocular I got from eBay for about £8 and made up whatever that is that you can see in the picture below... Hankering after a bit more magnification, I've now got a £7 16x40 on the way to use instead - should just be a drop-in replacement. I've got a filter to make up for my dobs (8.5", f/7.6) so I'm in for some finer white light views soon, but a wee "handheld" 16x40 should b
  11. I've finally mounted one of these to my scope - I had to build the scope first! It's mounted with a couple of stiff springs, two captive bolts and two wing nuts - and a zip tie. It got me Panstarrs last weekend - right down low above a neighbours garage. I'd have never found it in the scope (0.9deg TFOV) and it was not visible to the naked eye. The finder found it and centered it in the scope no bother. I could take it apart again and add crosshairs but I don't feel the need yet. There is at least one other variety of 10x40 monocular on eBay at the moment - completely rubber clad, knobbly body
  12. Thanks again, folks! It's not blowing my socks off, but it seems to work ok.
  13. Thanks, folks! It is "original" - that made me and my wife chuckle! It evolved... I began by planning a dirt cheap build along the lines of Toshimi Taki's 8 inch dobsonian - a long dodecagonal tube. I was going to get the tube made from a single sheet of 3mm hardboard around some scrap mdf/laminate ribs but when I mocked up a short tube, I liked the look of it and decided to change to a truss design. I've got another 8.5" mirror too, and had been thinking "binoscope". I've since made up the six tubes for both OTAs from that one sheet of hardboard. The truss design came from Robert Royce's 8 in
  14. She needs some more paint and smoother az. bearings, but she's essentially finished.
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