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  1. Please close (sorry, I can't see how to edit title to SOLD, but it is)
  2. I'll take this at £14 if its still available, thanks.


    1. AlentejoSkies


      Hi Michael. Sorry, I have a buyer in already. If anything doesn't work out I will get back to you.


    2. Synchronicity
  3. Making Every Photon Count - A Beginner's Guide to Deep Sky Astrophotography by Steve Richards. Excellent book, the classic guide for beginners to the art. Current third edition (2019). Read thoroughly once cover to cover. 14 pounds posted (UK).
  4. This lovely English classic R&P focuser was once fitted to a David Lukehurst 8 inch dob. It's 1.25 inch, single speed and not as smooth as a modern focuser. I have no need for it, but it's a quality piece, and you can appreciate the attention that's gone into building it. No idea what's a fair price for this, so for the sake of saying something, how about 20 pounds? Open to offers. EDIT - I'm heading off to Portugal again soon and I'd like to see this piece off before I go. If you'd use it, I'll post it to you for free.
  5. Hi, Is there someone with the experience to let me know how feasible it is to think of hanging a WO binoviwer off a Heritage 130P Flextube? Please note, I'm a confirmed binoviewing enthusiast. The question is 1) whether the H130 focuser can handle the weight. I'm willing to work on this if it's the only issue. 2) If the two tubes of the UTA were extended 100mm less than fully, and the collimation checked, allowing the BV to reach focus without a barlow, is spherochromatism at f/5 anyway going to spoil the view even at low magnifications? 3) Stretch goal - put the whole thing on an AZ-GTi on a Manfrotto 055? That would be great, if it works. Or is it only thinkable to someone who has never had this OTA in their hands? Douglas
  6. Meanwhile still available while I make up my mind on AstroEQ v OnStep
  7. Clear skies here. Just witnessed a magnificent immersion. Just watching the fine crescent of Venus with the occasional cloud scudding across was already wonderful, and then suddenly the lower surface brightness moon seemed to materialise, almost menacing. Venus looks so spherical at this point. A few friends are passing by on the way to work. Don't lose concentration! I've been manually tracking for the last hour since I lost goto and I don't want to lose Venus now. Immersion takes a while, Venus setting, settling into the moon. And it's over. Time to get the girls to school!
  8. So, in answer to my own question: Coming in from the battery case, removing the slotted retaining ring opens the switch module (take care, springs included). Coming in from the other end, circlip pliers takes off the aperture/protection cover over the laser, which itself can be removed by loosening the 9 grub screws hiding under the rubber sleeve. 6 of these grub screws hold and align the laser module, and 3 hold the battery -ve contact in place. The laser diode module appears to be a standard 3V module, which I will now try to replace as it seems to be the part that has failed. Nicely designed and made.
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