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    Motorcycling, mountainbiking, occasional scuba - though no where near enough, photography, sailing when time allows and of course scouring flaming ebay for bargains :)
    But most of all trying to avoid being at work in NW London , on night duty, when you can guarantee there will be clear skies!!
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  1. Icey85

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  2. Hi , Many thanks David for the swift response. No I haven't as yet asked Altair, thinking I'd probe the community first for any experienced observations. I noted the rotator, quite handy, though the scope has a rotator ring already. Thanks for the Back focus spacing advice. sounds a reasonable starting point. Yes there is what I believe a 'specific' 1x flattener available. the gumph alongside the advert 'At F6, this telescope can be used with the optional 1.0x field flattener or 0.8x reducer (code: LW-0.8xRED = the Lightwave version)" Good ask on the camera front, My
  3. Hi All, I'm about to order an Altair 72 EDF (f6) - deluxe no less! And would like an appropriate reducer/ flattener (rather than the 1x flattener) . Does anyone know which of the Lightwave 0.8 or Starwave 0.8 is more suitable for the little 72? I've googled about for ages and haven't really found anything of use. The Starwave has about a £20-30 premium over the light wave . I believe in general terms the Starwave is the more premium of the 2 scope ranges? Any experiences /thoughts appreciated
  4. Marvellous, thanks for all the input guys. Will see what i can get my hands on to try out, much appreciated .
  5. Fondofchips - I will give Sherwoods a bell see if they will let me try a couple, ideally though that would be for a night time viewing - can but ask Im not aware of any West Midlands ish area shows up coming, will explore more with the google. Thanks Steve, I may not have made myself very clear - would the qualities of the optics tend to be the same throught the same manufacturers range - you mentioned the review of the Q4 80mm, would the findings of that review tend to hold true for , say, the 70mm and 60 mm also ? I imagine the glass/coatings etc would be the same throughout , except for e
  6. woah, that was big, sorry! Another thing to keep any eye on!
  7. Another correctly oriented i think! They're quite noisey , will reduce ISO next time.
  8. My first attempt, rather rushed at the end of a session trying to work out why i seem not to be tracking ! 1/10sec ISO 3200 f750 Prime focus + a little bit of post processing.
  9. Have started another topic with the correct title!
  10. Sorry!! No, I really didnt!! I meant 15x70 !! They were a very long set of nights!! Does the quality of optics and engineering tend to be equal throughout the range, or do some models end up being a better device than others within the same manufacturers model range? Appreciate you must have the same questions over and again! Regards Gary
  11. Sorry tetenterre, but I really cant stretch to Apollos! I would however be 'comfortable' at around this price point. Are the Quantum 4 worth the few extra pounds over the Strath? ( found the quantums @ £126 new.) Anyone had long term exposure to these? As ever all thoughts and opinions appreciated (if theres a sticky with this on anywhere that ive missed, apologies, ive just finished nights and am waiting up for the postman who of course wont come BECAUSE im waiting up!) Gary B
  12. PM'd you kev, but yes it did, everything needed, rings and dovetail Gary
  13. Hey Nat thats great news. Any luck getting that second ring screw to bite? Chaps, re: the turning the tube to reposition the focusser, i soon realised if i slackend the screws too much, how easy it was for the tube to slip down through the rings while i was rotating it, and then of course this throws the balance out. Then I found Astro Baby's superb modification tip from her webby and will one day give it a go - http://www.astro-baby.com/articles/rotating%20rings/Rotating%20Rings%20Project.htm So if anyone wants to go halves on a pair of SW150pds or equivellant tube rings, shout me ! (no
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