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  1. Hi again, two posts in short time here, but I wanted to share this one as well. A closeup of Mare crisium, on the northeastern limb. For a sense of scale, the small black crater in rightmost part of crisium is crater Peirce, which is 19km wide. Again, QHY5L-ii colour with Skywatcher 190MN on a NEQ6 Pro. /Erik
  2. Thank you auspom! Finally I got a link to full image; http://www.astrobin.com/full/120304/0/?real=&mod=
  3. Hi all, this is a three tile mosaic made with 2x barlow+qhy5+190mn. Made it as a test for future mosaic-building, and it seems to work just fine with PS. This is my first mosaic with the qhy5! By the way, how do I post a full resolution? Best regards, /Erik
  4. Thank you Per! Didn't se your post until now, sorry! I'll keep the name of the shop!
  5. Oh, and this is not meant as advertising, but just a tip on where to find parts, since I had to look for a while before finding what I looked for. /Erik
  6. Hey Carl, nice image! An easy autoguidingsetup is to use your 9x50 finderguider with a qhy5 camera and phd. The total cost of this operation will only be the camera and a piece to fit the camera to the finderguider. A cheap and fully functional solution. And you will also have a perfect planetary/lunar ccd:-) I bought my camera and a c-mount adapter for ( right angled, make sure to chose the right one if you walk this path. ) finderguiders from Modern Astronomy. And regarding modded dslr´s. Check out Juans site; http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/ His Baadermodded 1100d seem good. There is also an option with JTW astronomy, but I have not seen any reviews from them. /Erik
  7. Agree with the other speakers; an interesting object well captured!
  8. Fine image! I like the subtle red colours, looks realistic.
  9. A very nice image cloudbuster! I prefer your original image.
  10. Thank you Alexxx! Yes the colours are a little bit strange, but it is due to my unmodded camera, as A.G earlier pointed out. You are right about the oxygen! I will revisit this target in the future with a modded camera instead:-)
  11. Great images for such short integration time. Dark skies will be a future treasure and a sight for only a few.
  12. Nice!! Nice to see such good dslr images!
  13. That's a really nice piece of work for ten minutes! Go for it with longer subs!
  14. Second one! Looks more natural. /Erik
  15. Nice image! I am currently in process of buing a Baader modded 1100d or a 1200d from JTW or cheapastro. Can´t wait until I get the chance to try new objects such as this one. Best regards, Erik
  16. Thank you, daz, iksose7, lensman and James. Good answers from all. I know this is about taste as well, but still I want to be close to a "natural" look more than personal taste. But that seems to be hard in this case! As it is now, the reds are a little bit too purple. I agree! Daz - thanks! Had a look at others via your links. James - I actually made it more green, it was even more blue from the beginning! Mostly blue signal from my unmodded dslr. Iksose - I would really like to see your M27 when you are done processing! Lensman57 - yes, I will have a look at colourbalance again. /Erik
  17. Hi all, recently posted my M27 in the photo gallery, but realized afterwards that I could get much more info out of the data. So I reprocessed it once again. This is just a few subs with roughly 2 and 3 mins exposure time with my 190MN on a neq6 pro. This time I focussed on the central regions, which were given an extra stretch and also a high pass filter. Due to my unmodded DSLR I also made the red curve a bit steeper in LAB-mode to make sure the details would be visible. ( Is this ok, or is it against astrophotography-processing-ethics?:-)) I also made the blue colours a bit more green, which I presume the 5007 Angstroms should be? ( I might be wrong..) Now I have to ask you; what do you think about the colours? Are they correct? Is the red a little bit to pink? ( In that case - How do you fix that? )Any comments are much appreciated since I am a novice in processing. Best regards, Erik
  18. Hi, I use a QHY5L-ii colour for guiding with 9x50 finderscope. The sensitivity is very good. Works very well! This camera is also very nice as a planetary- and moon camera and the price quite low. The only reason I chose the colourversion was planetary imaging. I guess as mentioned before....buy a real cooled ccd for deepsky, that´s my goal in the future.
  19. Thumbs up! The colours are very nice.
  20. A very fine image! Looks just perfectly processed; not too much and not too little. Frame it and put it on a wall!
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