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  1. A nice dark site evening with some astro-buddies. The clouds even waited a few hours before rolling in.

    1. tingting44


      nice, imaging or just viewing?

    2. VigdisVZ


      Wide field imaging (see wide field forum) and fooling around with binos and a 60mm toy scope ;)

    3. tingting44


      nice, ill check it out :D

  2. New slightly used Nikon D800. Megapixels all over the place.

    1. tingting44
    2. VigdisVZ


      36, but probably looking at keeping the old APS-C camera for astromodification, if I can find someone who works on Nikons.

    3. tingting44
  3. Scope is collecting subs, I'm listening to Wes Montgomery, drinking tea and watching the moon slowly rise over the fields.

    1. tingting44


      sounds like a perfect evening, apart from the moon of course :D

    2. VigdisVZ


      Yeah I'm testing a timer remote. I think I'm getting slightly eggy stars unguided at 90 sec, but I'll finish up this try at M101 first. So this is more a test run at longer subs before my coma corrector gets shipped.

  4. Can it be dark season soon please?

    1. Qualia


      everything that can happen....may well do :-)

    2. SnakeyJ


      Darker nights will come - let them be clear to

  5. NEQ-6 just modded to avoid bent altitude bolt! Feelsgoodman!

    1. sologuitarist61


      Snap - I have today done the same thing to may CG5GT and put a ADM replacement saddle on it as well - can't wait to use it now.

  6. Not one clear night in 3 weeks. Feelsbadman.

    1. Marki


      Yep - it hurts. Only clear nights I've had recently have been when my wife had booked assorted social events...with no opt outs!

  7. Clear skies? HUGE MOON? Binos!

    1. SnakeyJ


      Great Moon, huge and bright - not so good for the AP though

  8. Full moon, beautiful in 10x50 bins!

    1. floppygoose


      what make of 10x50 bins do you have. I am struggling with my 20 x 50 mark scheffler and am looking for something else.

  9. Can't wait for my Telescope to arrive!

  10. Remember kids: Seeing is everything!

  11. Maybe first light tonight?


  13. The universe is too big for small talk. http://xkcd.com/1248/

  14. Coma corrector just arrived in the mail.

  15. Sun on the day, clouds in the evening/night.

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