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  1. I don't see how there will be a shortage of places... there were empty pitches next to me last year (or was that just because of my smelly feet?)
  2. Top episode tonight... Not biased at all... I was on it! And so were my cakes! The giant Jaffa cake looked good even if I do say so myself!
  3. Just noticed that they've updated all the pitches... I'm now in Mars 14... They have also updated so it shows my name... wookie have you checked it recently?
  4. I saw it for the first last month in the Brecon Beacons (very dark site). I'd been trying for 18 months in various locations, and with various equipment! Saw it in the 8" scope in the end.
  5. Hi, Is anyone else going to this? I am... Looking forward to seeing a couple of speakers and the Science and Tech Facilities Council exhibit. Also going to the social event on the Sat evening and was wondering if I would meet any other SGLers there?
  6. Yep, agree... I was panicking about how I was going to book my place since I'll be at PSP next weekend too!
  7. Maybe that should be the next 'reality' show!
  8. My pitch has been booked as part of a group, and now I'm the only one going. I contacted James, and he said this was fine, but I might have to give the name of the person who made the booking when I get there... As long as you have your son's name, and you receipt from Paypal, or email confirmation, I'm sure you'll be fine! On another note, just seen this: http://www.darkskytelescopehire.co.uk/watch-a-rare-triple-shadow-transit-on-jupiter-this-october-12th/ How cool would it be to get a chance to see this?
  9. Think Emma Thompson hit the nail on the head!
  10. Hi Adrian, I've checked and the search engine in Safari is still google... I know it looks different, but it's definitely showing me google results. You can choose to change this (although I have no earthly idea how) - are you sure you haven't changed it by accident?
  11. Yup, can indeed confirm that Blackboard/eLearn is the bit you log into on the Student Portal. From the 16th October, you will be able to not only see the courses you are logged into, but also access the course material. I am also under the impression that there will be a course forum where we can chat to lecturers and other students - but from previous comments on here, I understand that we may get a swifter response talking to the people on the facebook group!
  12. It's massive though isn't it? And it weighs 5kg! That's heavier than my first scope! Wait til you come to roll it up again after use.... arm ache!!!
  13. The BARB state that there are 26 million TV viewing households and they take figures from 5000 of such households. By my (incredibly inept) calculations, that means that they take figures from less than 0.02% of tv viewing household. Can this be right? Nope, got that wrong... it says that each home they monitor, represents 5000 homes... Doesn't seem to say how many homes are on their panel though... http://www.barb.co.uk/resources/reference-documents/how-we-do-what-we-do
  14. James, Think you are actually insulting McDonald's staff by lumping him in the same category!
  15. Petition now has over 10, 000 signatures... that's 5000 more since this morning!
  16. It's despicable! I can't believe that the BBC would allow him on the air with comments like that!
  17. Hi All, I contacted the admin team, who confirmed I am on their system and fully enrolled, so I asked them about fees. According the the finance/fee payment admin team, the fees haven't actually been generated yet, but will be within the next 3 weeks (which is why no fees are showing in the myUCLAN section). I have paid anyway, and received a receipt, which I was asked to forward back to the admin team within the school. For info, the email address is ucastro@uclan.ac.uk. I was also advised that the course starts on the 16th October, and we should receive an email from them shortly before that telling us that course notes are on Blackboard. HTH!
  18. Was just thinking the same thing... How can they say that the content of Sky at Night is covered elsewhere. I get Sky World (which is basically every channel under the sun) and there is nothing else like the Sky at Night on there. Yes, there are plenty of Brian Cox's 'Wonders' type programmes, but that isn't the same on any level! if this is what BBC heads think, then no wonder they want to can it... I can only assume that no one at Radio 4 contacted anyone from the petition to get their point of view.... strongly worded email coming up!
  19. I think its important to remember that not everyone has the ability, the know how, or the materials to make their own suppression pads. To them, they probably would be worth £50. However, to all you lucky people who have the know how and the right stuff, then I think they probably are overpriced. I have seen them in action recently and they certainly do the job they are meant for, so I don't think they are a waste of money. I really don't need them with the CPC 800 - the sheer weight of the scope minimises vibrations (living on a main road, and using a scope on a patio and the SLT 130 really suffers, but not a problem for the CPC 800). I would consider them for the SLT 130, but as that is my grab and go setup, I only really use it on grass and seem to get less vibrations there anyway. It certainly wasn't a problem at SGL8, and that's with me wandering around the scope and others coming to take a look etc. I would only buy them if I had nothing else left to buy (could be waiting a long time!), or if I could only use the SLT 130 at home.
  20. Definitely showing as enrolled on the course, but still no info on there re fees. I also haven't yet received my id card, and I send it off a while ago. Will be chasing them tomorrow just to make sure all is ok! Been checking emails and Blackboard regularly just to make sure I don't miss anything!
  21. Brecon Beacons... so dark. First time I saw the Milky Way so clearly, and im all its glory. Also the first time I've seen M31 with the naked eye.
  22. I got mine after seeing someone one with it at SGL*, where we had minus temps every night! I was freezing with 2 sleeping bags, 2 blankets and a duvet! He was toasty warm! Only used it once so far, but it was brilliant! I think cos its so roomy, you can really snuggle up inside it without having the usual faff of a normal sized bag! I for one, am not sorry I spent the money on it. Got one for my OH too and he was sceptical and said he wouldn't need one that warm, but he was so glad I bought him one in the end! I really hope we don't have too many minus temps overnight though!!! At SGL8, my EPS, secondary and primary mirrors all had ice on them on one of the nights - despite dew heaters! Even had ice on the inside of the tent! Brrrr!
  23. James, I hear you. I hardly ever watch live programming, my lifestyle and work schedule rarely allow it. The majority of the programmes I watch are all recorded to be enjoyed at a more convenient time. However, I think that tv viewing figures don't actually take into account the new , different ways that people watch tv, whether it be recorded, on +1 channels, or on demand services such as those online. I noted that just a few days ago, the BBC's 'The Voice' received much lower viewing figures for series 2, than for series 1. Probably due to an over saturated market for so-called talent shows. However, much to my dismay, instead of axing a failing programme such as this, the BBC pay what I can only presume is an exorbitant figure to get Kylie on board to try and increase viewing figures. Why can't they just call it a day on programmes that are seen, in slightly different formats, elsewhere? It is my (possibly very naive) opinion that Kylie's fee alone could probably pay for S@N for another year!
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