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  1. Thank you all. Space travel and conditions does fascinate me so when I had a recent discussion I wanted to fast-track some facts and figures to set the record straight, so thanks to everyone that took the time to answer
  2. After a discussion with friends I have some questions... If we landed on the moon why are there no recent photos of the Landing site/buggy/flag/footprints? With the technology we have now surely someone would want to see a more recent photograph of the site. Why is it unclear on Google Moon map - no actual photos of that area? When they did land what were the temperatures they had to endure - at the time did they stay in the dark or light or both? I have to go back with some answers thanks guys and gals
  3. Thanks everyone As ever when I get excited about seeing something it turns cloudy . Would it be better to use the binoculars to follow it? I noticed the Nasa websites were down :/ Hopefully they will soon be back again and in the mean time I have your links to look at. Thanks again and Clear Skies!!!
  4. Hi Everyone I have a new phone and it has Apps. I have included the ISS tracker and get alerted to when its wizzing by. Will it be too difficult to see through a telescope? I havent seen it yet even as a dot with the naked eye, though I do often see satellites. It the ISS constantly manned? How do I find out whos up there and what they're doing?
  5. They guy from Sky's the Limit is fantastic and really helpful. I've already used him so I'll email him again. Thanks everyone x
  6. Thank you Capricorn and all of you for taking the time to answer. In answer to your question I have a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P/1200 Classic Dob, and I live in a rural part of the center of Italy.
  7. The asteroid shower is tonight and tomorrow or Saturday and Sunday?

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    2. nephilim


      Not looking to great here either....

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      terrible here :( cant even see jupiter :(

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  8. The BST Starguiders sound tempting. What does ploss mean? I wear reading glasses, but I dont use glasses for stargazing and they told me I get a tiny tiny bit of astigmatism in one eye when my eyes are really tired. Is a 5mm the way to go?(I live in the country so there is not much light pollution) Where do I find these online? Are the £100 lenses the best or can you get good quality at the £47 mark? Thank you both!
  9. Hi Guys Well I LOVE my Skywatcher 200P. It just amazes me what you can see. All of that stuff up there...who knew.. Though of course now I want to get more eye pieces and accessorize. (and Christmas is coming, sooo.....) I've read through some threads and looked on Amazon, theres a lot of choice and price range. What other eye pieces would be worth getting? I'd like to see Jupiter even more closely and the Nebula. So far I have 10mm and 25mm eyepieces. ...and just how close am I likely to get? (obviously its not hubble :/) Also could someone explain what a Telrad does exactly? Its all new to me and apart from you guys I have internet and books, so no one else really to talk to about the techno stuff HAPPY METEORITE HUNTING!
  10. Its soo true! Clear Skies right up until I got my scope then ..bam... crappy weather. Must be some Universal Law....... ;-)
  11. OK I'll go with the Cheshire one. Now where do I find really simple clear instructions? ...like 'collimating for dummies'..........????? Astrosurf - I am not sure of any pitfalls using a cap or old film canister, sounds interesting, I am just a complete beginner and all the books/forums say to get a Cheshire. I've read some people can use their telescopes out the box, whilst others have had big problems with the mirrors being out. (thet'll probably be me) Clear Skies everyone xx
  12. Finally my Skywatcher Skyliner 200p has arrived (still in box) So So happy and excited :) :p As for a collimator. I am really confused. Theres laser and Cheshire so which do I need? Whats the difference? What do you prefer? Thanks for your time everyone! x
  13. Thank you soo much for the advise :-) ...I'm sure I will be harassing you all again when it comes to setting it up ;-). Patience never has been my strong point :-) ..........
  14. What other kit do I need for this telescope and why? We've finally treated ourselves and I am so excited!!! Cheshire Collimator is a must right? Lenses? Does anyone know where I can read a good article on setting it up? I'm no technobuff :/
  15. Ooopps .. thought it was this series, but as I'm not in the UK it'll do
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