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  1. Hi, I saw in the asi174 thread you were using it for ISS imaging. I'm considering buying one to do the same thing, but I'm torn between the 174 and the 178. Do you think the global shutter on the 174 makes a big difference?

  2. I need to stop. But I couldn't resist. Last one I swear. This one is of Mr Percy Wilkins and his amazing hand drawn maps of the moon from 1953. Never heard of him but now I have to find his maps.
  3. The British Pathe Youtube channel is incredible. You could quite easily lose a few hours trapped there watching old videos. If you search for telescope or astronomy there alone it comes up with dozens of archived footage. I won't post them all. Here's a bloke in 1942 with his homemade 14" Newt. Even made the screws !! Thats keen. Is it the Earliest footage of amateur astrophotography?
  4. I managed to stumble onto this old film from 1960 on Youtube. It seems "Cox, hargreaves and Thomson Limited" used to grind mirrors in an old air raid shelter ! Funny film. I was curious and found this website about the tunnels! http://thetimechamber.co.uk/beta/sites/deep-shelters-air-raid-shelters/coulsdon-deep-shelter-surrey Be good if one day some ATMs get permission from the council to use them for the same purpose again.
  5. Hello, Unlike me, there are some real experts on this forum and I hope they respond to this thread . I will however, throw in my 2 cents in the meantime. I could be wrong, but the massive difference in the airy disk inside and outside of focus is normally a pretty good indication of spherical aberration. In this case youve got very strong rings inside of focus and for want of a better word; mush, outside of focus. This surely indicates Undercorrected Spherical Aberration. Dan
  6. No problem ! The Normalize Histogram is actually quite useful for finding the best exposure settings to be fair. You can play with gain, shutter speed, exposure etc. I.e Sacrifice some gain for a higher frame rate and compare against regular settings easily because the brightness of the two stacks will be the same.
  7. The 'Normalize stack' setting on the Stack Options side of the main window. Just below the 'Frame Percentage to Stack'. I check this and adjust the percentage to whatever brightness I'm after. Dan
  8. My camera came today also No duty to pay either which was great. Works well with my laptop. It doesn't come with a suitable lens (presumably because of the larger sensor) so I have only been able to see a dark frame (The CS lens that comes with the ASI120's won't focus). First impressions are extremely low noise even with the gain pushed to the max. Certainly seems better in this respect compared to the ASI120's. Finally however it does seem to get warm quite quickly regardless of settings. Sure its nothing to worry about just something I noticed. Dan
  9. I already have the ASI120MC-S and with my relatively new USB 3.0 laptop I have gotten some pretty great frame rates. The bottleneck imo is the Hard disk though. At the end of the day would I get this camera if it was USB2.0? Yes. Definitely glad its USB 3.0 though for those ISS chasing moments ! With regard to deep sky. I took this with my ASI120MM+colour filters. Unguided. Lots of short frames. Through my 200p/heq5. I think it worked quite well. Guided would be better but my guide camera was taking the light frames I reckon the ASI174 will be much better for deep sky so I'll no doubt give it a go. Dan
  10. I ordered one yesterday For me at least, this looks like the camera to beat for Lunar. I'm also hoping to enter the scary, bright world of Solar so I hope its good for that also I know its kind of a niche, but another big strength for this camera will be closeup images of the ISS. I love chasing it myself! Extremely short shutter speeds allows you to make the most of the extreme frame-rates! The ASI120 was good but its not easy with a 1/3" sensor! Much easier to get the ISS on the bigger sensor = loooads more frames + Higher frame rate. Global shutter may help as well. No downsides? Slightly bigger pixels maybe, not an issue imo. Here's an example of what I got with the ASI120. I used a 200p with its stock 2x barlow and around 3ms shutter speed (hence ability to make the most of the ASI174MM frame rates)
  11. Just ordered the brand new ZWO ASI174MM!

  12. Hello, I give in . Looking towards the summer and the amazing h-alpha images on this forum I've decided to invest in a Solar setup. Firstly to be clear...I am purely interested in high resolution imaging of the Sun. Don't care about full disk etc. I've seen some amazing images with the Quark but equally so with a PST Mod. I was leaning towards the latter, partly because I don't like the sound of the 4.2x barlow. But then the quark is probably cheaper and a lot easier. Aaaargh Would a Quark and a SW 150mm f/5 go well together maybe? Better results than a Tal 100rs + Pst mod? I would love some opinions and help! Many thanks, Dan
  13. Hello , I'm starting to plan my first mirror grind/telescope build and I fancy buying some bits (focuser/fans etc) early to keep me motivated. I want to have a good focuser. But I had my heart set on a good Rack and Pinion. Does anyone know if one exists for a Newtonian? The 2.5" feathertouches can't be mounted on one can they? I was looking at this but I can't see a suitable adapter for it...http://www.starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=36&product_id=61 If I go with a crayford, is the Feathertouch actually the better focuser.... or should I get a Moonlite? Love to hear some opinions! Thanks, Dan
  14. Sounds like the First stage certainly made it onto the Barge. Unfortunately the landing was too hard. Not that it matters this time, incredible that they returned it and hit a relatively small target! Future is here. Elon live tweets the launches so delivered the 1st stage news there. https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/553855109114101760 and https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/553857574005915648
  15. Hello, My ASI120MM doesnt like my new laptop. Had to use ASI120MC-S. I'll be buying the new mono version now. USB 3.0 comes into its own on the moon...full resolution at 60fps is great! Anyway these were all with my 8 inch newt. (SW200p), Revelation 2.5 & ASI120MC-S. All images converted to mono. Trio of craters with fancy sounding names like Arzachel etc... Sunrise at Maginus. Dramatic shadows coming from the peaks of Montes Apenninus. Always like to imagine what the view must be like from the edge of one. Someone on twitter pointed out that I'd picked up Rima Hadley Rille from Apollo 15! Over the um Sun to get that with my telescope . Finally the customary view across the Southern Highlands. It was a good night Clear skies, Dan
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