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  1. £69.99 and its easy to find on a huge on line marketing companies website. It seems to have great reviews. Portable Car Cigarette Lighter: A compact power source for your car appliances up to 120W, conveniently charge your car refrigerator, inflator, and vacuum on-the-go Over 20 Boosts on 1 Charge: 600A peak current jump starts diesel engines (up to 3L) and gasoline engines (up to 6L) over 20 times on 1 charge; 15V/1A DC input provides a full recharge in 5 hours. Safer and Longer Lasting: Smart plug is safeguarded against all hazards; lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery provides increased life cycle, stability, and conductivity 3 Day Survival Flashlight with Retractable Handle: Enjoy up to 72 hours of emergency illumination with 3 modes (ON, Warning, and SOS) to help you see and be seen in the dark. A retractable handle comes handy for when you just need to grab and go
  2. https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/14-member-equipment-reviews/?do=add#https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/14-member-equipment-reviews/?do=add#https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/14-member-equipment-reviews/?do=add#My 12V power supply died when my beloved left it flat.... I looked around at possibly a new Powertank and found this. Yes it really is not much bigger than my mobile phone if a fair bit thicker. It has a good LED torch built in to annoy folks at star parties but no red light.... mind I always found the powertank difficult to balance on my head when observing so use a head torch. Is it man enough to do the job??? well correct me if I am wrong but the charge is bigger than the large powertank I had. AND its designed to jump start your car....... WHOOOOOHHH It comes with car Jump leads, a 12V out socket (.... yes only one but it will take a double adapter) , two USB leads to fit its 2 USB charging ports and a very sexy case. It was also a lot cheaper..... What do you guys think, anyone used one yet. I will let you know when darkness returns. Clear DARK skies. Bigwings
  3. Never used a Barlow before but considering one now. Do I get a Focal Extender or a Barlow and whats the difference if any? Cheers
  4. The boxes arrived a while back and packed in alongside was the cloud curse of the new scope. Build quality was good and the base was easy to assemble if you used the video instructions on the Orion website. The instructions in the box are not so good. I was torn between the 10" and the 12" but opted for the 10" mainly for handling reasons. This is a big heavy bit of kit and it is easy to handle if you take the tube off and move it in two bits. Assembled I can just manage to pick it up and waddle the 10 meters from the garage to the deck. In the upright position I just bend my knees and place my hands at the top of the holes in the side panel and lift. In the book they show a different method which I think risks your scope and back.... I like the shape of the base... much nicer than a bland boxy thing. Collimation was achieved using the supplied collimation cap. Three big locking screws and big adjustment screws made this quite an easy task. Having been used to an 8"SCT collimation was not one of my core skills so I acquired a Baader Lazer collimator , followed the instructions to the letter, adjusted the scope to "LASER" standard and being a cynic checked it with the collimation cap. It Looked horrid so did it all again with the cap and sent the Baader back. The star test on polaris last night was GREAT.... First Light..... The conditions were......100% very thin high cloud with some thicker bits mixed in. A little light pollution from the village street lights . Vega , almost overhead was visible and so was Ursa Major . Others played hide and seek to the naked eye. Now to upset some of you.... The 9x50 right angled finderscope is very good and gives nice views. Later I found myself just cruising round using this to explore. It is not however easy to instinctively align to the area you want to look at. I have a knee problem and am not going to get down on the deck to sight up the tube for a rough guide. I have fitted an Orion double scope bracket and the second slot now boasts a laser finder from Rother Valley Optics. A few tweaks to match the laser to the cross hairs on the finder scope and away we go. Point the beam at Mizar (laser on for about a second), Check Mizar is centered on the cross hairs of the finder and focus with my Panaview 26mm and focus........ Mizar splits as it appears dead center in the ep. Its so easy and so accurate and its my solution to the limits of a 90 degree finder and a bad knee but please guys dont take it to a star party it upsets some of the neighbors and take care where you point it. I live under an airway and inside an airfield Air Traffic Zone so I look and listen before use. Moving this beast around Alt and Az is very easy and very controlled...I LIKE IT Next on to Polaris to do my star test which was good. Just about to enjoy some stargazing and the cloud thickened....well its the curse of any new scope. So off to bed with the alarm set for silly o clock to wait for Orion to rise. More in hope than expectation I rose to find Orion just visible through the cloud. With naked eye I could just see M42 as a lighter patch in the high thin cloud. Lets have a look then ... WOW I am impressed. The light grasp of this pulls in a fair view of M42 with the Trapesium clearly visible. So what did first light with this scope teach me. 1. I LOVE DOBS 2. Its worth getting the scope out even with high cloud..its surprising what you can still see . 3. Laser Collimation is not for me. This scope is nice to use and gives great views ( I haven't commented on the standard ep's that come packaged, you need something better). I haven't tried the push-to setup yet but will comment when seeing is conducive to hunting DSO's.
  5. I picked one up from FLO and used it on my new Orion XT10i. dob. I had set it up with the suppled collimation cap and it gave crisp good quality images. Using the Baader I did the job "properly" , EASY... then I checked it with the Collimation cap. Nothing was centered properly so I set it up with the collimation cap and sent the Baader back.
  6. Ok I know they raise hackles in some quarters but having groveled on my knees trying to find Vega in my 90 degree finderscope in order to get my reticle ep on it to do an align I sort of wanted one NOW!!!! Just to point 10inch dob in approximatly the right direction. A t 69 groveling on the deck trying to sight down the scope is not very much fun. Can they still be used... Where can I get one? Now will someone help me fill my glass and find my specs somewhere on the freaking deck.....?
  7. Thanks guys, (and Steve at FLO) The first EP is ordered, I have gone for a Panavision 26mm given that I'm very mature and probably have pupils of tiny proportions . I should manage an exit pupil of 5.5 and a x46 magnification. I do like M42 and it fits in just nice. I guess the next on the shopping list will be a Barlow.
  8. Hope you enjoy yours. Its rained since mine came lol. Im used to an Nexstar SE8 with a three star align so this should be OK but you do actually have to be able to identify the alignment stars . I will be upgrading the EP's but lets see how the "stock" ones perform for a week or two.
  9. My f10 SE8 SCT was forgiving with its EPs. My new dob is f4.7 and I need over time to replace the stock EPs for something better. I read somewhere that over 36mm EP's presented problems with exit pupils to large for normal pupil sizes.... I would like a good wide field EP but I need to understand the above problem. ??Thinking Aero ED SWA 2" but 35mm or 40mm that is one question. Sorry guys no green on black advice needed...not on a pension lol. Thanks
  10. Thanks to those who contributed to my choice ITS HERE.... Woopeee. Of course it arrived yesterday just in time for the last bit of clearish skies... minus the box with the base in. That arrived today. Purchased from Amazon by OPTICRON TECHNOLOGIES who sell for Orion (US) and distribute from Holland so no nasty import surprises. The BIG box with the scope had been a bit through the mill being transported by FedEx with a few holes punched through the outer box but the inner box and scope were fine..well packaged. Waiting for the base gave me the chance to set the scope up on the table sitting in its foam cradles and check the collimation . It had been through the wars so not surprisingly it needed a quick tweek . Nice big knobs to do the job...I think its OK but star test will tell at first light. My first play at this being an ex SCT man. The second box arrived today... the build and installation of the push to bits was easy IF you followed the videos on the Orion Website. Don't try with just the literature. Its the right choice for me. I can only just carry it assembled from my garage to the deck about 15 meters. Just the right size to break down and fit my Ford Focus. I will do a First Light post but for now I must apologize for the poor weather for the foreseeable future.... new scope you see
  11. Full of boy racers and has a reputation for [removed word] after dark so the National Trust have patrols out and its supposed to be closed after dark. Do you know if the Nat Trust have an agreement of any kind for people with stargazing in mind.
  12. Nice to have dark skies , be nice to have time to travel to them. Really excited to hear the news and so disappointed that there is not one within a few hours of me. Anyone give me a pointer as to where the best sites are near Retford, Lincoln , Newark?
  13. Be delighted... the scope will be here in about 4 days. a day to build the base so first light report will be around Christmas if the new scope weather is also delivered with the boxes.
  14. Firstly let me say thanks for the advice all of which is valid in its own way. Aperture as big as possible. Learn to Star Hop Be careful you can handle it (Im 69 and going to have knee surgery) Wixsey to find your degree.... As they say on X-factor which I hate lol. I have made a decision. I must master star hopping I like the idea of Wixsey...or is that WHISKY with my observing I would like a pushto system for those quick moments when I dont have lots of time and I'm failing to locate. The winner is......Orion 10" xt10i.... ITS ORDERED I am going to buy a whiksey and I am going to master all the skills...sound as if it could be fun and the fitted pushto for backup and quickies. Thanks again. Clear Skies (for all of you outside my area, if your in it...rain for a month) Mike
  15. That sounds interesting. Would you care to expand on how you use the Wixey, presumably you have to set up some sort of level to start with. Must say Im beginning to be seduced to the hopping side lol
  16. Not to bad living on the edge of a village but the street lights get killed at 11pm and my back garden is usually OK. Timebandit mentioned a pushto system that could be retrofitted...anyone able to give me a product mane and a view as to how easy it is to fit. Thanks
  17. Agonizing over choice and I WILL place an order this week. Im used to motorized goto SCT and now going Dob. My problem is which scope will I be happiest with. A 10" which will guide me to objects or a 12" where I have to star hop. Limiting factor is cost. Is the view from a 12" that much better than a 10" or is a 10" Dob jaw dropping in its own right. Having never used anything bigger than an 8" SCT I would like the opinion of those that have used big dobs. This will be a new scope as the pre loved ones are just to far from Newark. Thanks for your advice..... Clear Skies Mike
  18. I have stopped smiling......but I COULD HAVE BEEN CRYING. I received a cancellation followed by another email from Amazon NOT....asking to pay via bank direct transfer. I had an email from the seller last night asking for the delivery address as it was not on the Amazon website. Telescope daft I might bee ...mad ...well not yet. BUY AND PAY ONLY THROUGH AMAZON ACCOUNT. DONT GET CAUGHT OUT BY A PHISHING EMAIL DERIVED FROM A THIRD PARTY AMAZON MARKETPLACE SALE. Still looking for my Dob Mods please place where best for members
  19. Will do a set of unboxing photos ans a first light report. Cant stop smiling
  20. I think I have just purchased a bargain. £550 for a Orion SkyQuest XT12i IntelliScope Dobsonian Telescope The product was used only for advertising purposes in my store, and the price is so low because has been unpacked-,full warranty, full accessories New,never,used- . To good to be true... I hope not I just snapped it up on AMAZON so at least not going to be a ripoff. Was looking for a 10" as thats how much I could afford but with a bit of luck it will arrive. Will be a bit of a change from my previous 8" SCT. Weather forecast over East Markham for the next 3 months Cloudy with rain.....
  21. Hope you like your new scope. I want the same one. Where did you buy from in the end and who else did you try. Cheers Mike
  22. Its a long time since Sept 2008 when I sold my SE8 and all my kit. Just about to join the Light Bucket Dob brigade. Like the Orion 10 xi 10" and f 4.7..... and keep looking at Skywatcher...10-12". 10 might be good enough for me at 69 years old. (Still feel 25). I know I will hate the ep's that come with the Orion... I do fancy it... so what EP,s will go well with an f4.7 10"Dob. I had a Mk 2 Hyperion zoom but one post and a site which I cant remember (69 so forgive me) and they recommend it for more than f5. EP,s on a pension plan replies please. Thanks in advance
  23. After a couple of years in the light due to the sale of ALL of my kit... (dont ask why) I am back with a small but welcome scope (Nexstar 4SE). Nowhere near my 8" SE but at least Im looking skwards again. Apologies for the 3 months of 8/8ths cloud that will envelop the country
  24. After a year and a bit retired and getting bored I have taken a security job. The site is part lit up like a Christmas tree and other patroled bits are dark dark dark. The SE8 has rarely seen the light of night for about a year but the binos live with me. Wild life abounds, foxes , deer, owls and a Heron I meet most nights before he rises like a grey ghost into the night sky, Photography of nightlife with the challenge of night flash at 300-500mm telephoto seems more practical than setting my Canon 1000d up on the SE8. THE DILEMMA. D0 I sell my astro kit to fund the photography....or do I just keep it for the odd night when Im at home and it aint rainin..... No decisions yet. Binos well used SE8 Lookin like a nice bit of furniture in the conservatory. Clear Skies Mike
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