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  1. Love my Telrad but it used to fog up or ice up just when I needed it. You can buy a lift up dew shield for £12. Dont. know why they don't fit one as standard. Introducing the Telrad Cosy. Made from a cardboard carton covered with Duct tape. Lift it off, look put it back on. Works a treat and costs 10p.
  2. SOLVED.... HUAWEI was the problem not letting SynScan run in the background. Open Optimizer on the home screen. Touch the Battery icon. Find and touch App launch. Toggle off the switch next to the desired app. In the displayed Manage manually dialog box, toggle on the Run in background switch. Clear skies
  3. Trying to get my AZ-Eq6 working with the Skywatcher WiFi dongle. This bit works very well and accurate. I want to use Skysafari6 to control the scope. Tried everything..... Is it my Huawei P30 Pro causing the problem? I can connect with the mount with SkySafari but get an error saying scope will not respond. Has anyone got this sort of set up working. If so can you tell me what phone or tablet you use and what settings you have made? Clear Skies Mike
  4. The answer is a scope cart. 10" Newt and all the bits just wheel out of the garage and ready to use in 3 mins
  5. No point in repairing it as it will only happen again in darkness when it's difficult to watch. Lynx one will be larger diameter so won't wedge in the gap.
  6. SW mount I love but the carp cables the supply do somewhat let them down. In AltAz mode the gap between the mount and the tripod is a perfect fit to jam the cable under the mount securing screw heads. Careful as I am the result is a cable pulled out of the power socket. Of course its happened just before clear skies. Never mind, clutches off and go manual. Lynx cable ordered but a wait as FLO is awaiting stock. Clear Skies Bigwings
  7. Welcome Paul, nice to have you on board.
  8. Hi John. They work very well. How much do they cost and how do you ensure that they are suitable. PS After the rebuild the Bresser is in great condition
  9. Just looked at changing my secondary mirror adjusters on my 130pDS. £21 plus delivery of course. Not titanium or gold but stainless Steel. I used to sell surgical instruments and we bought in from our factory stainless steel scissors with special inserts in the cutting edge to prolong surgical sharpness. I could buy one pair of scissors for the price of 1 Bob's knob screw. Now even allowing for the lapsed 15 years and taking into account that surgical CE marked instruments demand a mark up it feels like Bob is taking the Michael for 1 screw for 7£. Not even a 10% discount for pensioners who probably spend less than £7 a day on food.
  10. Seperate mounts is one solution. The problem for me was getting an AZ that would handle a big Newt. So for me a good tracking mount for visual is limited..... Mine is set up with Starsense and on the dolly it can be in use in 6 mins from exiting the garage. Transforming to EQ takes 5 mins even having to dismount a big Newt. Polar aligning mmmm Havnt done that yet but unless your permanently mounted you would have to do that anyway. Horses for courses I guess. Clear Skies
  11. I have the AZ EQ6 mounted on a dolly with 6 " wheels to get to any part of my garden. Havnt used it in EQ mode but will this winter with my 130pds and Dslr. It handles my 10" Newt very well in AZ mode for visual and its a fantastic mount. I will keep it till either it or I die. Well worth the extra fot the flexibility it gives. Clear Skies
  12. I have a Bresser 10" Dob which is solid tube. It's party trick is that it comes with tube rings on which it mounts big alt bearings when in Dob mode. Take these off and you can mount it as a conventional Newt. Mine sits on an AZ EQ6 mount in Alt Az mode. Just a thought but you may one day want a mount that will do everything including AP. Clear Skies
  13. I understand that Stu. My observation was that the specs seemed to help me get better eye position with some EP's. MY Baader zoom was one.
  14. Firstly let me apologise if your offended by 4 eyes, my nickname when I got my specs when at school. The question relates to glasses or not when observing. All these years I have observed with glasses off as my dominant eye has perfect long distance vision. Whils playing with my rebuilt 10" Newt and working out which EP, s needed what spacers to reach focus I tried specs on. I found that with some of my EP's the "correct" position for my eye was easier to find and it is changing my opinion of some EP, s. Now this was a daytime experiment so if the sky clears this year I will try specs on when observing. How do you find it? On or off? Those with perfect eyes and no specs probably won't wish to respond. Clear Skies
  15. Mmmm. On this occasion I will pass. This lovely Newt is now back in great condition for the sum of less than £30. Spares service and customer support from Bresser UK was superb. For me its a Newt every time. Great performance at a good price and owner repairable at modest cost. Love this scope.
  16. No Paul, I can't lift it up and don't need to as its got a scope dolly. I did lift it back up after its fall to the horizontal. That was hard enough. I tripped on something in the dark and took it over when I fell.
  17. Gorrila tape. Goes on well. Sticks well and comes off with a good peeling action without marking the tube.
  18. Don't worry John it's going to be fine. It's a keeper as far as I'm concerned.
  19. In the last 6 months I have had 2 catastrophic telescope disasters (or so I thought). I dropped my Skymax 150 Pro destroying the corrector plate and it is beyond economic repair. Two weeks ago I had a fall on my deck taking over my whole rig. AZ EQ6 and Bresser 10" Newt. The result was a broken focuser mounting plate and tube with dings, dents and creases. The focuser and EP were in rhe flower bed but had survived. After a large gin ( no that was not the cause of the fall) I emailed Bresser UK to see if I could buy a new tube and mounting plate for the focuser. They were very helpful but tube not available till about Easter. . Full disassembly of the scope. Then started my self taught pannel beating course. Tools used Large roll of Duct tape to bump out the larger dents. Just held in hand and banged with the curve of the tube Wooden mallet and small hammer to gently tap out the smaller dents and sharper crease caused by the edge of the mounting plate. I found that the extension bar from the Azeq6 counterweight bar held inside the tube made a perfect anvil and holding it across the inside of focuser hole I could caress the tube back to shape even removing the crease. You need to look very hard now to see any evidence of damage. Bresser are sending me a new mounting plate for the focuser. £19.50 delivered. Who considers the cost of repair when choosing a scope? I do now. Clear Skies Bigwings
  20. Enjoyed watching and learned 1 important thing. I will send mine to a professional
  21. Getting the counterweights in the right place to balance my 10" Newt would normally require setting it up in EQ mode and marking the position then taking everything off, changing to AltAz and rebuilding the rig. My tripod is on a trolley on which the rear member takes two of the tripod legs. I jacked up the dolly with its leveling screws and placed my laser test block underneath using a metal broom shank to provide a central fulcrum. Retracting the leveling screws I moved the weights out to the effort to tip either way felt negligible. Importantly this had to be done with the rear axle level on the yellow bubble level. By my reckoning the counterbalance weights should be in an acceptable position. I seem to remember reading that there was a tolerance along this axis but can't remember what it is or where I saw it. Comments very much appreciated. This is for visual. Thanks Mike
  22. Bought John in Derby, s very nice Bresser Dob to upgrade from 8" to 10". Set up and collimated ready for startesting tonight if the clouds stay away. Thanks John it's a lovely scope. Clear Skies
  23. Yes he built that for himself. He spent 8 hours and about £80 making the scope dolly Damn sight cheaper than buying on in America and shipping it over. It will take two adults standing on the centre without flexing so impossible to overload with astro kit. I Feel a 10" Newt creeping my way soon.
  24. It's better than that. If you look on the trolley below the centre of tripod there Is an eye welded on. He is making a bit to screw onto the mount bolt and a chain and small turnbuckle will make it secure
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