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  1. Hi all, has anybody tried to fit a CG5 with the go-to upgrade for an EQ5. I led to believe that it is possible as one is more or less a clone of the other. If you have tried or even used a CG5 set up this way I would be interested in your commenrd. Trevor
  2. At last my netbook has allowed me to see the picture....what can I say...it really blew me away, superb!
  3. Welcome, there's no better place to ask that all important question!
  4. Where there's a will there's a way.....As already said "If you can get a star", hope you do! (and no I'm not betting against you, because I thing it will work if....!)
  5. The only good thing about this, is the picture, showed it to the other half.........who has now said she will never touch my scopes again!! yes yes yes
  6. Hi, I would recommend getting quality single eyepieces otherwise (and I have seen this happen) you may find yourself getting magnification hungry. This is where you are always wanting to use the highest mag you have, the downside of this is possibly a too dark an image and a drop in the quality of that image. This then leads to "I got to get a bigger scope now" or you lose interest. Get a decent mid range eyepiece and learn to see whats out there, magnification isn't everything. Hope this helps Trev
  7. A lovely shot, any detailed how and with what you took it please? Trev
  8. Hi Karl, Don't know of any way to control from PC without a lot of work. I found that doing adjustments at the scope caused a lot of vibrations, so made the wired handset for the camera, which is detailed on this site (somewhere,just can't remember where) Trev
  9. Hi All, There's a lot of guiding software out there, but which will guide a celestron alt/az goto mount? I believe PHD is EQ only, but could I put it through ASCOM which allows celectron at/az mounts? An help would be most appreciated. Regards Trevor
  10. As you have already said the only port that looks likes what you need is indeed the exterior monitor port (3 rows of 5 pins) then you will need to use a usb port to serial port adapter (9 pin D female). Rather than try to remember letters and numbers take the lead with you and tell them you need to connect to the 9 pin end to a usb port. Trev
  11. Ignore my last "Russty" corrected himself as I was typing Sorry Trev
  12. Not sure about what "Russty" has said6 check out "replacing the SynScan Hand Control with a PC?" Reply by Merlin66 Trev
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