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  1. You should sell these on eBay. Sent using iPad.
  2. Ankle weights and a long tie wrap works well, strap two of them around the tube. Sent using iPad.
  3. Has the old r&p focuser but other than that the optics are the same as the 200P. You can't just swap out the focuser though without modifying the Ota as the holes are different on the Crayford types. Friend of mine had one, got it for buttons but couldn't get away with the focuser so sold it on. I thought it was ok though. Sent using iPad.
  4. StarryBob

    Starry Bob's Starry Shots

    My attempts at planetary photography
  5. It's handy to know that approx a 6mm EP will give you a similar view to your webcam for aligning purposes but the focus point will be completely different so you can't expect to remove the EP and fit the webcam and then your target be in focus, it will at least be in the FOV which is half the battle.
  6. Keep an eye out for a good second hand scope as you'll get more for your money and most scopes are well looked after.
  7. It's a nice combo and I am quite please with my first efforts with the same set up and using a webcam, you can see some in my gallery. They are not very good but I have a lot to learn and found it quite exciting seeing the results.
  8. Yeah that's what I did lol, I looked inside and thought 'I'll just buy a modded one', I did sell my Toucam on ebay though and it went for £68. I only paid £70 for a modded one so I was pleased with that at the time.
  9. Sounds to me like you're not correctly in focus. Try winding the focuser in and out all the way till you get a better view.
  10. You should be able to use a 1.25" diagonal, I did on my old scope and the better EPs helped a lot. Don't expect much though with a 60mm cheap refractor though, but at least the EPs will still be of use when the scope is upgraded.
  11. Another reason the SPCs go for more is the long exposure mod is a lot easier to do for the the average guy. The solder connections are very much smaller on the Toucam so it can be a challenge for all be the steady handed. The SPC has easier to get to pins etc.
  12. You're not far from me Vince and I would have travelled for that bargain.
  13. I actually put my scope away last night as most things I wanted to view were behind the neighbours ever growing tree/weed/thing and got out my bino's instead. I sat down and was really enjoying just casually browsing in the garden when I torch shone in my face from over the fence to the back lane. I was just about to get all rambo on them when they announced it was the police lol. They had reports of someone in gardens down the street so I ended up explaining why I was up at 2am and giving a statement. It was still great to get back to basics with the binos though.
  14. I like the Revelation set but found most of the EPs show a bit of 'kidney beaning' at anything but the centre 3/4 view on anything below an F6 scope. Not tried the Celestron set but for that price I would save a bit more for a Hyperion Zoom.
  15. My stock EPs are actually both fine, I don't think they're brilliant but I can get along with them both and on bright stuff like the moon the 10mm is nearly as sharp as my BST 8mm.
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