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  1. I have the 130EQ and the mount is okay, little shaky so the motor on mine helps out a lot. saw jupiter the other night. Was great even if i could not see the bands. Didnt have a lot of time to mess with. I dont see how any one could get by without the motor drive and manual track at higher mag. just switching eye pieces without the motor would think you would be trying to line things up again. but Love the scope.

  2. found junipter no problems, but was so bright could not see any banding, did see the 4 moons, but had a halo around them.....guess should check to see if mirrors are lined up. only had about 1 or 1 1/2 out, but it was a blast......just wish could of seen some banding on juipter but it was so bright. After putting all up thought I should of use or tried the moon filter. Get some dryerwall work done sat. (keep wife happy) may head back out to try again.

  3. have celestron 130eq for about 8 months, with 50mm right angle finder scope & telrad mounted to it now, have complete set of celestron x-cel lx eyepieces for a bout 4 months, lx-75 meade mount for about 1 month and never had the time to use it, with work and house remodeling...so just keep buying......so tonight is the night, going for juipter. Oh have x-box mod. cam to.......bad part have to work tomorrow........is about 3:30pmkj here now, scope in back yard set up......report tomorrow.

  4. Not had a lot of luck getting hold of celestron, I have heard the grease is a big problem with these mounts, If just had a teardown plan on it, would just clean it myself, really dont mind doing that at all. Next scope will not be a celestron, no that. Your right, you cant balance it, is like the locks are on and dont want to ruin the gears trying to use it.

  5. Have a new Celestron 130EQ-MD, the RA and the DEC pivots are so stiff even with locks off. Am thinking it is just bad grease and the tension is just tight on trust bearings. Does any one no about the tear down on the mount, CG-3, so that I clean it and relub it?

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