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  1. Just got me a used cannon 1000D, think 175 was good price, mint condition. Now need to no a little about T-rings, have a Orion skyview pro8 on a meade LXD75 mount. Understand the orion pro 8 is Threaded for a T-ring.....Am lost as to what am I looking for?

  2. hope to use for both.... astrophotograpy is just one thing I like to try..... this one comes with zoom lens up to 300mm, thought would be good to just piggy back on scope at first.......so much to learn. Than get adaptor to attach to scope, little at time. older you get seems the harder to learn. But am still kickin.

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  3. I have an Meade LXD-75 scope mount, I just purchased a larger scope an Orion Pro 8 [8" x 1000 FL]. I need to find a dovetail to be able to mount it on my LXD-75 mount, am so lost, I have no idea what I need to be looking at. Am not even sure as to what length is even best. HELP.... at present I have my astromaster 130 on it, but the dovetail on it is for a socket head cap screw about 5MM maybe 6mm. Rings on 8" scope has a 1/4-20 hex head cap screw...again am so lost on this topic.

  4. okay update, first all thanks again for all the help. secondary mirror in the 130eq is a pain in the butt to align. the screws it stands off of stick out about 1" [25mm] from the secondary mirror mount. So what is happening as you turn one screw it tends to want to rotated the mirror. Will remove and place a nylon washer between mirror mount and holder. also at same time, will take a piece of alum. drill holes to match those on secondary to form a guide for screw, will attach nylon to this. with this screws will no be able to rotate mirror and holes in alum will keep screws aligned since the stick out so much. Hope to post pictures later.... by the way, flocking a 5" scope is not for the week of heart.....lol. Merry Christmasl all, figure all that got scope related stuff for chrismas will not be any good weather for viewing for some time.

  5. Okay now have the 130EQ stripped on wifes kitchen table. Was a lot easy so far than thought. will try to post some pics later so newbies like me will know what the mirror mount and all look like out of scope. checked focuser it has 0.06" [1.5MM] total side play when extended half way. Will shim this with teflon tape strips. Will report back when flocking is done. it is next on list.....

  6. focuser on my 130eq has so much slop in it hard to collimate right so pulled it out to shim with teflon tape. Mirror needs center spot so mirror has to come out.. With this said, deceided to just remove secondary mirror and finder scopes and flock inside tube. Think amI sure of what am doing, any thing I should watch out for? the do's and dont do's.

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