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  1. Been keeping up with this topic, I to have a ST80 orion, I love the scope, would never sale it. Just dont understand those that wish to put others down for what they wish and do spend their money on. I did replace the focuser on my ST80 with a dual speed Crayford from ScopeStuff, never have been sorry I did. The 2" diagonals and all related eq. will move over one day to a larger scope, but for now its me and my ST80 and I to will invest in more filters, and also am looking at a field flattener from orion. By the way I also have a an orion Pro8 reflected, I even put a 2 speed Crayford on it. Think I need one of them shirts, ST80 Club......forever!!!

  2. looks great to me, am 63 years old and just starting in imaging. Sure hope i can do as good to start. so much for this ole mind to learn. As they say time will tell.....lol, hope lots of time left here........


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  3. I just got my new 20x80's yesterday with monopod, they are the celestron skymaster brand.  seem like they are going to be great from what little daylight viewing I did. I have not had time to get out with them yet at night.I  will post later when i do. The whole rig cost me about 175.00, binoculars, monopod and swivel for monopod. A day later which I didn't include in the price was good strap and a quick release pad for swivel that I can use with my camera. Binoculats were 105.00.

  4. Spent last 3 or 4 days reading and reading and have it down to 3 different ones now, all

    Celestron being 15x70 or 25x70 or the  20x80, will also pickup a monopod and swivle at same time. Will be used mainly at night but will see some daytime use. Just cant make my mind up....any opions would be great. Pro and Cons to

  5. Reminds me when I purchased my 8" orion skyview pro , was around christmas,, My thoughts were she will just think it is a gift i ordered for someone. However the FEDx driver help bring it into the house, he knew things...... told her to handle it gently, it looks like it may be a telescope., Yep wife was setting next to it when i got home. Have a great wife we both laught about it, I never order nothing now without telling her first, lol.

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