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  1. i like, will be starting here soon, hope i do as well.....
  2. if in a hurry to setup, I will get my alt/az and 80mm, cg-5 mount takes time to set up with a 8" reflector and align. Have to agree with the alt/az and the 6". Even with the alt/az can do some photowork of planets.
  3. JOC got you beat, have same that you have and also one that mounts 3, got off amazon......love both of them.....makes life simpler again, lol. one question JOC, is the orange used as a counterweight?, lol
  4. Ordered my field flattener today for my st80 and st120 scopes, will see what effect it has.
  5. which field flattener did you buy? Am looking to buy also
  6. Been keeping up with this topic, I to have a ST80 orion, I love the scope, would never sale it. Just dont understand those that wish to put others down for what they wish and do spend their money on. I did replace the focuser on my ST80 with a dual speed Crayford from ScopeStuff, never have been sorry I did. The 2" diagonals and all related eq. will move over one day to a larger scope, but for now its me and my ST80 and I to will invest in more filters, and also am looking at a field flattener from orion. By the way I also have a an orion Pro8 reflected, I even put a 2 speed Crayford on it. Think I need one of them shirts, ST80 Club......forever!!!
  7. crayford focuser is a 2", so should not have any problems I would think with vignetting. Going to find out, will keep you posted
  8. Same problem I have with my ST80, need more inward focal travel with 2" diagonal and 2" eyepieces. I am thinking about shorting up the tube 1/2" to 3/4". Can always use an extension with 1.25 diagonal and eyepiece. [ Orion ST80, ScopeStuff 2 speed crayford focuser, HIgh Point Sci. Dia. Electric diagonal]
  9. looks great to me, am 63 years old and just starting in imaging. Sure hope i can do as good to start. so much for this ole mind to learn. As they say time will tell.....lol, hope lots of time left here........
  10. Am making a Vixen style dovetail clamp for mounting my Orion ST80 to my Orion ST120, Milling it now, if there is any interest when done will be happy to post drawings with dimension and 3d model view.
  11. i would love to have a sky portal, but nobody in the states has any in stock, and am pretty sure you dont need star sense to use it, i brought sky sarfira already to use with it. Just wish i could buy one.
  12. okay, got all the firmware updated on star sense and hc and mc, got celestron gps working with starsense, guess tomorrow night, little more fighting to get the starsense unit working right. The firmware was really easy to update. Shame instruction are so poorly written for such a expensive device.
  13. Not been doing much here in last 2 years, healt problems but back now, have a starsense i purchased 2 years ago (gussin) never used, going to set it up on a slt mount with orion 80st to start with. Now the main ?, need to update firemare any dos and dont do's. Will move to my 8" scope at a later date.
  14. 300 series stainless steel in non magnetic, 400 Series is magnetic
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