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  1. Best solar image I have seen. Feels like you are flying over the Sun!
  2. Never seen a Lunt 60mm for £1150. At least not in the UK. Perhaps I didn't get a good deal second hand after all.
  3. Lunt have a 5 year warranty that they honour even if you are not the original owner. If it's in warranty I would not be concerned about buying secondhand.
  4. The way that prom loops over from the disc is awesome. Looks best on the inverted false colour to me. Very nice work.
  5. Went out for a bit. Looked very clear between the clouds but the seeing wasn't good at all for me. Jupiter was no good at higher power (x150).
  6. Oddsocks that is brilliant. Just what I wanted. Nice one. Thanks Didn't want to go down tube ring route when it already has a clamshell.
  7. Evening all, I need some help attaching my Lunt LS60 to my mount. I have a HEQ5 so I want to use a vixen style dovetail. Lunt offer up this but its a bit pricy: http://astronomia.co.uk/index.php/accessories/solar-accessories/lunt/lun-ls100ps.html I understand I need some specific 1/4"-20 screws but what I am not sure on is whether or not I can use the 15cm skywatcher dovetail: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetail-bars/skywatcher-dovetail-mounting-plates.html It looks like the mounting surface should be flat and the 15cm looks flat. What I ask not sure on is if the hole centres will be t
  8. Thanks for the answers guys. Sounds like the window is 7-12 days then but the spots themselves are very dynamic. I started trying to work it out myself by finding out how fast the sun rotated (27 days at equator - 31 days at poles), including the earth orbit, and then trying to find out if the earth orbit was in the same direction as the suns rotation. It turns out everything should rotate counterclockwise (Venus and Neptune being exceptions). At this point I decided it was too complicated and thought I would ask you guys for some practical experience. I hope this one holds out until next week
  9. Yes! New solar scope should arrive Monday to start getting a good look of this. Excuse my ignorance but how long does it take for us to see a sunspot move across the disc face assuming we can't see it at highly tangential angles. Also do they disappear before moving across whole disc (I guess they are very active). I am new to this solar stuff!
  10. They are some nice setups there so plenty of options for me to consider. What I am most confused about is the mount. I was originally thinking az4 but now looking at a giro II deluxe. I can't find what a giro III is. Do you think the giro II / III would be better than a giro mini considering I only have to lug it out the back door. Also the altair sabre looks nice but not sure how that performs. And then there is slo mo controls on the Skytee 2. This is all very confusing....
  11. Hi all, I am after some advice of people's experience on a grab and go mount for a Lunt LS60 (or other small refractors at lowish mag). So far considering vixen porta II, AZ3, AZ4 with aluminium legs (I already have steel ones from my HEQ5). Not sure what will work best in terms of lightness for set up speed, slo mo controls, etc. I was set on a mini porta until I read some reviews about lack of quality. AZ4 seems a safe bet? Any advice greatly appreciated!
  12. That is going to be immense. Can't wait to see the results!
  13. Very nice. I was thinking of getting one of these to get into CCD mono imaging. Did you get the focal reducer? F4.72 sounds good. What camera will you be using with this?
  14. An impact with a planet! It is fascinating and brilliant to see it in this capture. Well done!
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