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  1. Try Ben’s Astrophotography - Youtube Mike
  2. Those are all very good points to consider. It is my understanding the Astrel would control existing software for the auto-guider, mount and polar alignment. I see what you are saying I have a 5 function combination woodworking machine, which is great, but it is one massive machine and requires compromises to be made when switching between functions. The Astrel seems similar to me, I guess I am looking for the “lazy” way to control everything in one neat package. But it will definitely require more thought than I had originally planned on. Mike
  3. I have the SW 130 BKP DS reflector even with a focuser for imaging I can see how that would be a problem. Astrel sure is appealing as an all in one system. Would I need a moonlight focuser to handle the weight? Mike
  4. That sounds like a great rig Ivan. What made you choose the EQ6R in the end? Mike
  5. Well now that you bring up the cooling issue, it does make sense. A fellow on CN has ordered one I will wait and see how he makes out with it. Mike
  6. Oh yes a ccd camera with built in filter wheel check it out at. astrel-instruments.com , everything can be plugged into the camera and it makes it’s own WiFI. They are just new on the market, but it will be my next camera. Mike
  7. I want to get an Astrel camera as it has an onboard computer. The website says it can control , mount, guider and as an option a 32 gig sd card to store images. I currently have a Pentax K1 mkll and a Sony RX 100V. Both take astro images but , can’t compare to the Astrel. Sorry I forgot the link. Mike
  8. I have struggled with this very decision myself. The eqm-35 is also a tracker which is great I have a dslr which I would like to try on it. The CEM 25P can be fitted in the future with I Polar ( however Pole master is available for both). I like the hand controller of the ioptron better. Good luck. Mike
  9. +1 on the Canon 10 x 42 , amazing for astro. Yes they are that good. Mike
  10. While this is an old thread to be sure it is news to me. I have a SW 130 BKP DS and the fact that a dslr will not reach focus is a problem. The scope is marketed as an astrograph does that mean that only a ccd or cmos astro cams will work this scope? Mike
  11. I spent about 18 solid months researching before I made my first scope purchase. I bought a SW BKP 130 on a porta ll mount with a zoom ep. The scope on the planets and moon is ok, but from my backyard anything else is a big let down. The scope is light enough but not what I would call a great g&g scope. I know now that I am a quick look guy would have been better served with a refractor. I am going to keep the 130 for a ccd to do eaa with but as a visual scope in a light polluted back yard forget it. For visual I am going to stick to the moon and planets until I can afford a tracking mount and a camera. Mike
  12. Your moon shot is my new favourite, Well Done. Mike
  13. David, I am in the same boat as you are and I was thinking of purchasing the Ioptron AZ Mount Pro and the Mallincam Universe. I already have the SW BKP 130 DS which has a well built 2" focuser. I am looking forward to getting started in EAA, best of luck. Mike
  14. I really like my 10 x 42 for M45 and the like Mike
  15. Hello All, I just picked up my SW 130 reflector today and it looks great. Ofcourse it is raining outside, so I have been looking at a streetight out the living room window and practiing focusing and aligning the finder scope. I am waiting on my Baader zoom but everything looks good so far. Collimation has held from the shop to home. I have it on a vixen porta ll mount. The porta ll seems like a nice piece of kit (as you guys say across the pond ). Thanks to everyone for their help I feel I made an informed decision, that fit my budget and expectations. Mike
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