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  1. Guiding-wise - whats the problem you are having??



    I haven't really nailed the problem yet, I think it may be related to the backlash on my mount, but I am going to have another go at sorting it tonight.

    Thanks for asking. I will post an update on my findings but would be grateful if you have any ideas on the problem.


    Hi Starflyer, great thread - thanks for sharing it with me. I think I will have a go at that.

    Hi Cloudwatcher, great improvement, I like your view too.

    Thanks to you all


  2. Thanks Richie, I live just outside Bath and south of Bristol. I had a slot of about half an hour between 21.30 and 22.00 and got the subs over a couple of nights when the weather permitted, as well as dodging neighbours bonfires!



  3. Here is my attempt at the eagle nebula taken over a few nights last month.

    Image for M16 is a stack of 31x 60 secs at ISO 1600 using an unmodded canon 350 and a Equinox 80.

    My mount is an EQ5 with a synscan upgrade kit.

    The subs were taken after polar aligning with polefinder and using the mount to track. I bought the upgrade kit so I could start auto guiding but I am still having problems which hopefully I will sort out soon.

    Thanks Dean



  4. Hi I have been trying to auto guide over the last few weeks and have tried to trouble shoot my equipment.

    I could not get PHD to work, so I tried guide master and when I tried to move the star in the compass I could not get any movement. I thought it must the mount or GPUSB.

    My set up is:

    · EQ5 mount with synscan goto upgrade kit

    · Opticstar AG-130M Auto-guiding System (Guide camera and shoestring GPUSB box)

    I have:

    · Balanced the mount

    · Not over loaded it

    · Cleaned the connection ports with cotton buds

    · With a continuity tester found the lead going to the mount green red black and yellow are all switching while using GPUSB check on the computer

    · Can switch the green and red LED on and off

    · With the mount is not tracking using auto guide speed of .5x looking south

    · RA + movement up in eye piece

    · RA – movement up in eye piece same as RA+

    · DEC + no movement for 1min then moves right

    · DEC – No movement for 2.5mins then moves left

    · Using the hand controller at rate x1

    · DEC- moves right straight away

    · DEC+ moves left after 40secs

    · RA- moves up after 20secs

    · RA+ no sound from motors no movement

    It would be great if anybody had any ideas of what is wrong, what is right or what I can do next would be a great help.

    Sorry for the long post or if I am not very clear in explaining the problem.

    Hope someone can help.

    Thanks Dean

  5. Have you got DEC guiding set to "on" in the brain

    Hi i have it on auto thanks to your post to dean watson at the begining of the month

    Thanks for sharing your experience Mike . If cannot resolve this problem maybe I should think about putting some money by for a DSI II. While having a go at M16 I found it hard to find a guide star because I did not have enough adjustment in the guide scope rings. So may be with a DSI ll I would be able to pick out faint stars closer to the object that the AG-130M could not detect?

    Thanks Dean

  6. Hi over the last few weeks I have been trying to get PHD to work with my set up but I am still having problems getting it to keep locked on to a guide star.

    My set up is

    Synscan Pro upgrade kit with a HEQ5 mount

    EVOSTAR 100ED Pro with a focal length 1000mm (Which I am using as a guide scope)

    EQUINOX 80 (for imaging)

    Opticstar AG-130M with shoestring GPUSB interface box

    .I am using pole finder to get polar alignment

    .Getting focus with the opticstar

    .Selecting camera/mount

    .Finding and selecting a guide star

    .Going through the calibration process

    .Starts guiding for about 10secs then star drifts quickly to the top right hand corner of the green box

    .Box goes orange and says star lost but to the left it still says guiding and star seems move around very slightly with each frame for about 5mins until it leaves the orange box

    I am using all the default setting in PHD

    Thanks Dean

  7. Hi I fitted a synscan Pro Goto upgrade kit for my HEQ5 3 months ago and everything seemed to be working fine until I wanted to test a GPUSB guide port adapter. I aimed my scope at a chimney picked a spot and the results were

    No movement + RA (left)

    Fast movement – RA (right)

    Slow movement +DEC (up)

    Slow movement - DEC (down)

    I then Disconnected the GPUSB and checked the mounts motor movements. Everything above a slew speed of rate 2=8X worked fine.

    When selecting Rate 1=1X and below there was no movement +RA (left) but all other directions seemed fine.

    If anybody has any ideas on what the problem could be or any ideas on what to do next I would be very great full.

    Thanks Dean

  8. Hi Just thought I would share some pictures of the telescope I have been reconditioning over the last few months ready for jupiter. It has an 8" mirror focal length 1700mm f/8.3.

    The telescope tube was built by my father 33 years ago to coincide with the viking landing on mars.


    The tube was made using 10"drainage pipe and copper tube.

    The primary and secondary mirror was in bad condition so they needed aluminising.



    I fixed the scope to the base using a square to round tile vent adapters which were filled with disks of MDF. I then drilled out the MDF and inserted studding connecters for the T-Grips to screw into.



    I was able to try it on jupiter last weekend and was very pleased with the views.

    Am looking forward to the next clear night so that i can compare its views with my other scopes.






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