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  1. I did that with my 8" F5 scope - had issues getting a dSLR to focus.

    I needeed about 2 or 3 mm of in focus, using the collimation screws I only had about 5mm of "up" movement available - it makes collimation harder IMO.

    It'll be better to get a low profile focuser?


    Thanks James/Ant

    A low profile focuser was suggested to me at SGL4 but just wondered how much extra in focus i would get if i used the low profile crayford focuser below?


    Thanks Dean

  2. I would like to give a big thank you to organizers of SGL4. I thought the site was great and would definitely want to go back if another one held there next year. I would also like to thank everyone I met for being so friendly. I had a great views on Saturday of M51 through Alex’s 12” Dob and of M13 through Robs 14”LX200.

    Thanks everyone Dean

  3. The constellation of Orion has always been my favorite object. It was the first constellation I was able to recognize as a child. I used to watch it pass my window at home as I fell asleep. I now always find it a comforting object if I’m in a foreign country along way from home.

  4. Thanks Steve and Sam for your posts you have given my something that i can look into this week. I am in the middle of building a observatory and have not got the money to buy a new mount for a while so your posts have been very helpful.

    Thanks again Dean

  5. Hi i would like to start using a autoguider with my setup and understand that i need a ST4 guiding port. My mount is a EQ-5 Deluxe with a duel axis dc motor drive. Can anyone tell me if i have a ST4 guiding port?

    Here is a picture of my set up.

    Thanks Dean


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